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Which Gastric Balloon is Right for Me?

There is a total of three gastric balloons available to patients through Allure Weightloss and choosing the right one for you may feel like a complicated task. In this blog we will explore the differences between each gastric balloon, and the reasons you may want to choose one over the other.

The Swallowable Gastric Balloon

The Allurion Balloon is swallowable and stays in the stomach for up to 16 weeks, at which point it will deflate in the stomach and pass naturally. This means that there is no need to go to a clinic for a second time for removal unless you become intolerant. Patients can typically expect to lose between 10 – 15% with the Allurion Balloon.

The BiB System

The BiB System is a 6-month gastric balloon that requires an endoscopy and sedation for placement and removal. Like the Allurion Balloon, the 6-month gastric balloon will be supported by our dietitian and bariatric nurse.

The Orbera 365

The Orbera 365 is a gastric balloon designed to stay in the stomach for a maximum of 12 months and is placed and removed via endoscopy. Again, this gastric balloon is supported by our bespoke aftercare package. With the Orbera 365 results tend to be a little higher, and patients can expect lose between 10 – 17% on average, dependent on their adherence to the programme.

Orbera Gastric Balloon

Am I Eligible?

As a non-surgical medical procedure there is, of course, eligibility criteria. They differ slightly between balloons and tend to be a little stricter for the Allurion Balloon due to it being necessary there be no obstructions as it passes through the intestines. For a complete breakdown of eligibility criteria simply speak to a friendly member of our team today.

Cost and Finance

Allure Weightloss support several payment options, including payment in full, 0% finance, and ‘spread the cost’ finance. Full details can be found online.

Placement Centres

Allure Weightloss currently have ten gastric balloon clinics across England and Wales. From London to Newport, we are able to ensure that patients are seen as close to home as possible. If you aren’t sure where your nearest centre is, get in touch now or use our handy clinic locator tool.

GMC registered Consultants

Supporting patients to make the next step in their weight loss journeys is our GMC registered Consultants that operate across our ten clinics. They are specially selected for their experience and expertise in their field, ensuring our patients are able to make use of some of the best practitioners available in the United Kingdom.


We have a complete aftercare programme that is highly celebrated and unrivalled in England and Wales. This includes the participation of our HCPC registered Dietitians and Bariatric Nurses, as well as being able to take advantage of our weight counselling services (at an extra cost due to speciality).

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