Allure Weightloss, Leading Providers of Gastric Balloons in the UK

We are a team of medical weight loss specialists providing gastric balloon placements in the UK. The Allure Weightloss Programme is unique and highly celebrated, down to the high-levels of care we provide both before and after placement. This is care that includes 1-1 dietetic sessions with our HCPC registered Dietitians. At Allure, your success is our success, and we pride ourselves in all the fantastic achievements of our patients

Our programme facilitates a 10 – 15% reduction of body weight on average, with tools to help you ensure the prolonged maintenance of weight loss even after the gastric balloon has been removed. We understand that weight loss has the power to not just change lives, but save lives. Get professional medical advice from the Allure Weightloss specialists today.

Home to Gastric Balloon Specialists

From our GMC registered consultants to bariatric nurses, and even HCPC registered Dietitians, our team is home to industry leading experts in the United Kingdom, all focussed on ensuring our patients achieve their weight loss goals in a realistic and sensible fashion. 

Established with Aftercare at the heart of our operations, our unique gastric balloon weight loss programme has become highly celebrated between consultants and patients across the United Kingdom. 

With ten locations across England and Wales, our team can ensure placements are booked in as close to home as possible, providing convenience and comfort to those looking to start their weight loss journey with us. 


Bariatric Surgery

As providers of bariatric surgeries, including the bypass and sleeve, we are committed to providing patients with all the necessary knowledge and understanding before committing. Bariatric surgeries, unlike gastric balloons, are permanent procedures. At Allure Weightloss, bariatric surgeries are performed by GMC registered Consultants Mr MadhokMr Sultan, and Mr Jambuligam

CQC Registered Providers

Allure Weightloss are, proudly, CQC registered providers of medical weight loss procedures in the United Kingdom. The Care Quality Commission is at the heart of responsible medical practices in the UK.  A recent inspection has resulted in us being rated ‘Good’, which is absolutely fantastic. With the backing of CQC we are able to confidently support individuals trying to change their lives for the better, and combat the often life-threatening side effects of obesity.

4,6, and 12 Month Gastric Balloon Programmes UK

With our centre of operations in the beautiful countryside of Cheshire, we pride ourselves in our openness and as a source of information for all those looking to have their gastric balloon placement conducted in the UK. Our primary concern is our patients, meaning we will never advise you to have a product or procedure that is not in your best interest. For example, there may be certain reasons why one of our balloons is not suitable for you and we will be able to talk through this with you in detail. On the other hand, our other balloons may be more appropriate or in line with your weight loss goals, and we will be able to advise here also. 

Start Your Journey

Start your 4, 6, or 12 month gastric balloon journey in the UK with help from the team at Allure Weightloss. Speak to your friendly medical weight loss specialists online today. We will be more than happy to talk through your eligibility, work out your BMI, and work through the non-surgical gastric balloon process with you.