Celebrated Gastric Balloon Aftercare

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Unique and Celebrated Care Delivered by Qualified Professionals

As with any medical procedure, you would like to expect a high-level of aftercare. Well, with the Allure Weightloss Programme, you will work closely with Bariatric Nurses and experienced HCPC Registered Dietitians to ensure you make those essential lifestyle changes to support and maintain your weight loss journey. Moreover, our support team will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your gastric balloon placement. At Allure we understand how weight loss can transform, and save, lives. That’s why we are committed to providing excellent, transparent, and high-quality levels of care throughout your unique weight loss journey with us. Our range of balloons include the 46, and 12 month gastric balloon UK options, each available with our aftercare programme as standard. As CQC registered providers, your health is our success.

1 to 1 Dietetic Support Included

Our HCPC registered Dietitians are on hand to support your weight loss journey. Depending on which balloon you elect to have placed, the dietitian will help you make better dietary decisions in 1-1 zoom consultations. Allure Weightloss has found these sessions are instrumental to the success of your long-term weight loss journey. 

Dedicated Nurse Care Included

After your gastric balloon placement in the UK, you will have virtual check-ups with the Allure Bariatric Nurses to ensure everything is going as it should. This is to provide reassurance and peace of mind, so that you know you have the all the necessary knowledge to help you monitor the progress of your gastric balloon placement, and health.

Your tailored sessions with the Bariatric Nurse will be conducted over the phone at an agreed time. These sessions will look to outline your progress and speak about any concerns you may have, or have had. The nurse will be able to answer your questions and provide the appropriate medical advice.  

photo of weight loss nurse, Nurse Haley
Nurse Haley

Providers of Weight Counselling

Weight Counselling can be elected as an extra cost on top of the Allure Weightloss Programme. The aim is to help those that feel as though they need it tackle the deeper, more complicated issues surrounding eating habits and issues with weight loss. Patients have found this extra support extremely helpful and eye-opening. As such, we are pleased to offer the service with our wonderful Allure Psychologist, Dr Mark Bruce. 

Dr Mark Bruce
Dr Mark Bruce

Why is Gastric Balloon Aftercare Important?

Having a gastric balloon placement is a big step in the weight loss journey, and whilst it is exciting, it may also feel a little daunting. At Allure Weightloss we want to ensure that our patients feel as supported as possible throughout the programme. Our gastric balloon placements in the UK are therefore supplemented by Dietitian care to ensure you get the most out of your weight loss journey with us.

Woman exercising in the early morning sun, celebrating with hands in the air.

Gastric Balloons in the UK

Our available gastric balloons include the Orbera 365 12-month gastric balloon, BiB 6-month gastric balloon, and Allurion Elipse Swallowable Pill Balloon (4 months). These balloons differ to varying degrees, mainly in terms of length and regarding the way the balloons are placed in the stomach. You can find out more information about these balloons below.

Take Advantage of Our Celebrated Aftercare Programme

Speak with our medical weight loss specialists today and discuss booking your gastric balloon UK placement as close to home as possible, with the assurance you’ll have the necessary support to boost your weight loss.