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Your weight loss journey may have only just started, but below are testimonials from past Allure Weightloss patients that we hope you will find useful. These patients represent individuals who have undergone one of the 4, 6, or 12 month gastric balloon programmes with us. We treasure each and every Allure Weightloss review, as we know just how powerful and transformative the experiences of our patients are.

‘It was such a comfort knowing you have this great support behind you in what is not the easiest journey, but one I would highly recommend.

Also, the team in the endoscopy department are very caring and lovely at putting you at ease.

My dietitian, Odul, has helped change my mind and relationship with food. I now really enjoy the choices that I make and I can’t thank her enough.’

– Sarah Stockton, Orbera 365 Patient, lost 23.17% of her TBW!

‘A big thank you to the team at Allure, thank you for helping me on my journey for IVF.’

– Alison, Stockport (Lost 14kg)


‘The Aftercare has been great! The monthly meetings with Kirsty are so valuable!’

– Jane, Cheshire (Lost 18kg)

‘Excellent support from the team, cannot fault their input and knowledge.’

– Luke, London (Lost 12Kg)

‘I was really pleased with my weight loss and Odul’s support.’

– Jo, Allurion Balloon Patient

‘Great experience, very professional and helpful, the team discussed the options available and explained the experience & the results.  I would recommend Allure Weightloss for sure. The dietetic sessions with Odul helps you remain focused and provide tips supporting your journey.’

– John Black, Allurion Balloon Patient (Lost 18kg, 14.56%)

Allurion Balloon testimonial

‘I felt supported the entire way through… It was a new way of thinking of weight loss, an initial kickstart with the long term goal of creating new and healthy habits.’

– Sarah, Allurion Balloon. (Lost 16Kg, 17%)

‘The programme was brilliant. It gave me the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lose weight. The aftercare, especially from Odul, was amazing.’

– Aisha, Allurion Balloon, Birmingham (Lost 13kg)

gastric balloon patient testimonial
Aisha Lost 13kg With Allure

‘Allure Weightloss changed my life. Without their support I’m not sure I would be where I am today. I really can’t overstate the impact.’

– John, Birmingham (Lost 14kg)

‘The team at Allure Weightloss supported me to really turn things around. I’ve now got more energy and confidence to do the things I’ve always wanted.’

– Mila, Hull (Lost 15Kg)

‘With help from the dietitians I was able to change the way I think about how I eat and what I eat. With a little work I’ve been able to maintain the weight loss long past the balloon extraction.’

– Michael, Tamworth (Lost 13Kg)


‘Brilliant from start to finish. Massive thanks to Raj and Kirsty. Looked after me throughout the whole process. Fantastic results. Definitely would recommend to anyone thinking about doing it.’

Andrew, Essex (Lost 14kg)

‘ I’ve been on holiday for a week!! I’ve managed to have fun, eat lovely food and have a few drinks but have obviously stayed in control and focused at the same time.  This is a first for me!  Thank you so much for your support.’

– Amanda, Wirral (Lost 16Kg)

gastric balloon patient testimonial, federica lost 12.8%

‘My experience was extremely positive. I lost more than 12 % of my body weight in less than 4 months. I also experienced very minimal side effects during the programme. 

I think the psychological benefits are not underlined enough. The programme  has been so amazing to me as I lost weight without  being  psychologically impacted as I was never hungry and the diet did not impact on my mood, my focus and my sleep.  This was simply great and was the first time for me.  

The dietitian was very useful. I already followed a very healthy diet but she gave me some additional and very useful tips.

I am very happy, I have lost more than I was expecting to lose.’


– Federica, London, Lost 9.6kg, 12.8% of her TBW in four months. 

‘I’ve had a fantastic experience from the start of my insertion of the balloon and would highly recommend it.’

– Sarah, Orbera 365 gastric balloon patient. 

‘ I had two Allurion balloons within 16 months and lost a total of 2 st 12 lbs (40 pounds). I would recommend the balloon to anyone and would say the most important thing is to make sure you work with the balloon and use it as a tool for achieving your goals. You still have to do all the work and make the right choices. This ensures that your weight loss is sustainable as well. One reason I chose the balloon was to maintain a healthy weight because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. The balloon provided me with a great side effect of lessening my pain and inflammation almost immediately. I’m not sure if this effect was only from the weight loss, but it certainly has allowed me to achieve a healthy weight which greatly benefits my condition.’

– Jennifer, Allurion Balloon, Chelmsford (Lost 18Kg)

Although just a handful of our patients, we are proud to be able to tell you about their wonderful progress. Weight loss can be tough, but with the right support it can be life changing. The Allure Weightloss Programme is designed to provide that support and has been changing lives up and down the country since it began.

allure weightloss review
gastric balloon review

I would definitely recommend the balloon, it was brilliant. It was an amazing journey, I got to my target weight and more. I’m well happy. 

Odul was brilliant and had some great pointers on good nutrition.’

– Gillian, Allurion Baloon Patient, Cwmbran (Lost 20.31% of her total body weight, 15.6kg)