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Allure Weightloss are proud to offer complete weight loss programmes. That is, no matter what procedure you elect, you will be treated to support by a comprehensive aftercare service. A service that includes the support of a registered and experienced dietitian, as well as nurse.

Our aftercare service has been celebrated by patients and consultants alike. We put the care in aftercare, and that reflects in the experience that our patients have.

Dietetic Care


At the centre of our aftercare service is this focus on professional dietetic care. We are committed to providing patients with the tools and knowledge they need to help them transform their lives.

We know that weight loss begins with you and your commitment to making long-term lifestyle and habit changes. Medical weight loss is best accompanied by this mindset in order to achieve long-term and optimum results.

Our dietitians are experienced, HCPC registered professionals with a passion for helping people lose weight through their supporting dietary guidance.

Our Dietitians

‘The Place for Complete Weight Loss Programmes’

Nobody is an island. Get the right support at the right time. Regardless of whether you are a gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass patient, you can rely on our team to help you through your weight loss journey from start to finish. That’s because you’ll be an Allure Patient, privy to complete weight loss programmes.

Nurse Support

Our Nurses provide patients peace-of-mind pre- and post-procedure, helping to measure your recovery and ensure everything is going as planned.

You can learn more about our nurses below:


‘Is there the opportunity to arrange extra support?’

Yes. Allure Weightloss patients are able to arrange the optional extra support of our Weight Counselling expert Dr Mark Bruce. As weight loss specialists we recognise that our struggles with weight can be multi-facet and as such require some addressing beyond weight loss tools, surgeries, and dietary guidance. In that event, Dr Bruce in on hand to help.

You can learn more about psychological support online here.

Medical Weight Loss with Allure

As touched on, we offer several specialised medical weight loss programmes. These include Orbera 365 and Allurion gastric balloon placements, as well are the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass bariatric surgeries. Learn more about each procedure below, or get in touch with a member of our team to discuss everything from your quote to eligibility to getting booked in.

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Speak to patient advisor today in order discuss your medical weight loss option, including aftercare.

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