Dietitian Care

HCPC Registered Dietitians

Gastric Balloon Aftercare

'My dietitian was lovely and just helped me create a round and balanced diet, combining my food choices to better serve my body, swapping foods for alternative sources with less calories or more protein.'

All Programmes Include Dietetic Care

Our dietitians are HCPC registered, members of the British Dietetic Association, and work daily with bariatric surgery and gastric balloon patients. They are employed on the programme to continually monitor your progress and are committed to helping you maximise your gastric balloon weight loss journey. Considered intrinsic to the success of the Allure Weightloss Programme as a whole, our dietitians will meet with you regularly to offer professional dietetic advice. This comes as no extra cost to our patients, who get to enjoy this service as part of their gastric balloon placement with us.
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Pre-Placement Dietetic Session

Prior to your placement, our dietitian will discuss and create a personalised programme with you and identify key areas to work with. They will prepare you for the placement day, immediately after, and for the first weeks after placement before you then go onto your regular sessions.


Bespoke Support

Our bespoke dietetic sessions are there to help and guide you with your progress so that you can maximise your weight loss with the your Gastric Balloon. By monitoring your progress we can make changes and guide you as you progress. These sessions are crucial and are key to the success of your weight loss journey, so be committed and pro active. The latest swallowable gastric balloon study of 509 patients has shown that 95% of the weight lost can be sustained 12-months after the balloon has passed by maintaining the changes made throughout the balloon residence. Dietitians are available through Allure Weightloss when undergoing any of our gastric balloon placements.

Start Your Gastric Balloon Journey

By getting in touch with our medical weight loss specialists, your gastric balloon journey with Allure Weightloss begins. We offer professional medical advice to all our prospective patients, with your health and wellbeing in mind at all times. We are also on hand to answer any further questions you may have regarding our 4, 6, and 12 month gastric balloons in the UK. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Post Programme FAQ's

Will my weight stay off?

As long as you practice what you have learnt throughout the programme there is no reason for you to put weight back on. In fact studies show that 95% of weight loss can be sustained at 12 months if lifestyle changes are being maintained.

How long does it take to return to normal activities after placement?

Most people can return to normal activity within a few days. However, many people do experience nausea, abdominal cramping and, occasionally, vomiting after balloon placement for the first three days.

In most cases, your will prescribe commonly used medication to help manage these symptoms as part of the package.

Will I have any dietary restrictions during or after your Gastric Balloon Programme?

There are no absolute dietary restrictions with the our Programmes. However, to make the most of the programme and maximise your weight loss and comfort, our dietitian will tailor recommendations for you, your body and your weight-loss goals.

How is the balloon removed?

With the Allurion Elipse Balloon, after approximately 16 weeks, a time-activated release valve on the balloon will open, allowing it to empty and pass naturally without any medical intervention. In rare cases, at the time of passage, the balloon may be vomited.

Both the BiB and ORBERA balloons are removed via an Endoscopy under light sedation.

Can I have another balloon?

Six weeks after your balloon has passed, you can once again have a second balloon, if you feel you really need it. Having two short term balloons with a 6 week gap is far more effective than having a 12 month balloon.

What happens then?

Once the balloon has passed, you will continue to meet your dietitian, and your stomach would have now adjusted to your new eating habits learnt over the course of balloon residence. 

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