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Revision Surgery in the UK

Are you unhappy with the results of your last bariatric surgery? Perhaps you went abroad and didn’t receive any aftercare, or have simply experienced weight regain. Either way, the medical weight loss specialists at Allure can help. Discuss revisional surgery with our team in order to fully explore your options. 

Don’t settle for unsatisfactory providers or service. Allure Weightloss is CQC registered with surgeries across England. Our team regularly perform gastric sleeves and gastric bypasses. We also have a renowned aftercare service with every procedure. 

Due to previously having had bariatric surgery your options may be limited, but in our experience it’s worth looking into. Weight loss is a journey, and we look forward to helping you on yours.

Types of Revision Surgeries:

Gastric Sleeve to Bypass Revisional Surgery


If you’ve had a previous sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve, in the past, but have not been successful in your weight loss journey, we offer a revision procedure to revise the sleeve into a bypass.

Some people may regain weight and stretch a smaller, sleeved stomach over time. The best surgical option for these patients is to do a gastric sleeve revision and turn it into a gastric bypass. A gastric bypass doesn’t remove any of the stomach tissue, but instead our consultant surgeons create a new structure out of the existing stomach, commonly called a gastric pouch. This drastically limits the amount of food you can consume at any one time, limiting calorie intake and helping you to lose weight. Over a two-year period you can expect to lose up to 70% of your excess weight.

Gastric Band to Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass


Gastric band patients who have not reached their desired weight loss goal or struggle with the maintenance of a gastric band may want a different option. We offer a revisional surgery to a gastric band or a gastric sleeve.

A gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery involves removing the gastric band and surgically altering the digestive system permanently. In order to determine whether it will be a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve surgery, you will have an in-depth discussion with our consultant surgeon who will help determine which is most suitable.

A gastric sleeve revision procedure would involve removing the band completely and removing 80% of your stomach and suturing to create a smaller, banana shaped structure. This procedure is also known as a sleeve gastrectomy.

A gastric bypass revision surgery would involve removing the band and creating a new structure out of the existing stomach without removing any tissue. The new structure, often called a pouch, limits the amount of food you can eat at any one time.

Both procedures will significantly change the way you eat by limiting the amount of food that you can physically consume. By reducing the size of your stomach, it also suppresses the production of ghrelin (commonly referred to as the hunger hormone). The reduction of size and production of ghrelin can result in significant weight loss.

GMC Registered Consultant Surgeons

Our GMC registered Consultants were handpicked for their experience, talent, and expertise. All Allure Patients receive the highest levels of care possible from our spectacular team. Learn more about our consultant bariatric surgeons by clicking on their image.  

Allure Consultant Mr Brij Madhok
Mr Brijesh Madhok, Derby
Mr Javed Sultan, consultant bariatric surgeon
Mr Javed Sultan, Manchester
Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam
Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam, London

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery with Allure


Like every aspect of Allure, our independently registered facilities were dutifully selected for their ability to meet our high standards and the needs of our gastric sleeve patients. Learn more about each facility by clicking on the image below. 

bariatric surgery in manchester, oaklands hospital


Oaklands Private Hospital, 12 Lancaster Road, Salford, M6 8AQ

Spire Bushey Bariatric Surgery and Orbera 12 Month Gastric Balloon Clinic


Heathbourne Road, Bushey
WD23 1RD

Entrance to Derby private health clinic. Light green wall, sign, and two plants.


Uttoxeter New Road
Derby, DE22 3NE

Calculate Your BMI

In order to have bariatric surgery you need a BMI of at least 35. You can use our Calculator in order to determine your BMI, or use the NHS BMI Calculator.

How is body mass index (BMI) measured? 

An individuals BMI is calculated by using the following formula: 

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m)²

You must take your weight in kilograms, divide it by your height in meters, and then divide it a second time by your height in order to determine the correct body mass index. 

BMI Calculator
Use this Calculator to Check Your Body Mass Index (BMI).
BMI Calculator
Please enter a value between 125 and 225.
Please enter a value between 10.0 and 500.0 ( one decimal )
Calculate BMI
Use this calculator to check your body mass index (BMI), which can be useful in determining your eligibility for treatment.

Ask About Revision Surgery

If you are interested in revision surgery, get in touch with the medical weight loss specialists at Allure Weight Loss today. Call 0845 528 0659, email info@allureweightloss.com or fill out our online enquiry form below, so we can discuss cost, eligibility, and more with you.