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Gastric Balloon Placements and Bariatric Surgery in the UK

Allure Weightloss Experts


Are you looking for medical weight loss providers that offer celebrated aftercare services? Allure Weightloss are proud CQC registered providers of the Orbera 365 and Allurion gastric balloons as well as bariatric surgery. Regardless of which procedure you elect, you will keep in touch with our aftercare team of nurses and dietitians to ensure your recovery and progress is maximised. The team at Allure Weightloss pride themselves in providing the highest levels of patient experience and care.

Gastric Balloon Clinics


Non-surgical, non-invasive weight loss in the form of gastric balloons helps patients to reduce feelings of hunger and work on changing habits in order to facilitate long-term success. To learn more about gastric balloon placements in the UK, speak to one of our specialist patient advisors today.

Explore Bariatric Surgery with Allure


Proud providers of private bariatric surgery in the UK, we support you to make a safe and considered choice. Weight loss surgery involves permanent alterations to the digestive system in order to restrict intake and reduce the amount of ghrelin (hunger hormone) produced. Our top consultant surgeons will help you to navigate through your options, whether that be the Roux-en-Y gastric bypassmini gastric bypass, or sleeve gastrectomy.

As an Allure Patient your success is our success. This is why we offer a comprehensive aftercare package with all surgical and non-surgical medical weight loss procedures.

How do Gastric Balloons Work?


Allure Weightloss are specialist, experienced providers of what are commonly referred to as the 4, 6, and 12 month gastric balloons. Officially speaking, their proper names are the Allurion Balloon, BiB, and Orbera 365 respectively. A gastric balloon is a smooth, soft, saline-filled balloon (about the size of a grapefruit) which is placed in your stomach by one of our experienced consultants. This procedure, or ‘placement’, is accomplished either by swallowing a capsule or via an endoscopic procedure.

Weight loss achieved varies between patient and model of gastric balloon. For example, your typical Orbera 365 patient can expect an average total body weight loss of between 10 and 18%. Each placement is accompanied by specialist aftercare, which includes our celebrated nurse and dietitian support. 


gastric balloon patient testimonial, federica lost 12.8%

Federica lost 9.6kg!

"My experience was extremely positive."

How Much Does a Gastric Balloon Cost?


When it comes to gastric balloonscost should only be part of your choice. This is because you may initially believe the Allurion Balloon is your best options but not be eligible on account of previous surgery that may rule you out. Likewise, if you are looking into the Orbera 365, you may not meet minimum BMI requirements (30). Either way, our highly trained patient advisors will provide all the information necessary to help you make an informed decision.

We work with our finance partner Pay It Monthly to offer patients 0% interest free finance spread over 6 months with a 50% initial deposit.


(4 month)
£ 4300
  • 1 Allurion Gastric Balloon
  • Smart Scales with App
  • Bespoke 1-1 Dietitian sessions
  • Bariatric nurse support
  • Weight Management App
  • 6 month aftercare
  • Medications
  • Allurion Warranty


(6 month)

£ 4550
  • 1 BiB Gastric Balloon
  • Smart Scales with App
  • Bespoke 1-1 Dietitian sessions
  • Bariatric nurse support
  • Weight Management App
  • 6 month aftercare
  • Medications
  • Allure Warranty

Orbera 365

(12 month)

£ 4750
  • 1 Orbera Gastric Balloon
  • Smart Scales with App
  • Bespoke 1-1 Dietitian Sessions
  • Bariatric nurse support
  • Weight Management App
  • 12 month aftercare
  • Medications
  • Allure Warranty

*prices vary according to the gastric balloon clinic, please speak to an Allure Weightloss representative in order to learn more.

Psychological Counselling

Add 60 minute sessions sessions with our in house specialist weight psychologist Dr Mark Bruceask us for full details

Allurion Balloon testimonial

Sarah lost 16kg

"I felt supported the entire way through." - Gastric Balloon Patient

costas gastric balloon results photo before and after

Costas lost 18kg

"I'd still be fighting will power but this has given me the motivation"- Gastric Balloon Patient

gastric balloon patient testimonial

Harry lost 12.5kg

"I would definitely recommend Allure Weightloss."- Gastric Balloon Patient, lost 13.28% of his total body weight.

gastric balloon patient testimonial

Aisha lost 13kg

"The aftercare, especially from Odul, was amazing."- Gastric Balloon Patient

gastric balloon patient testimonial

Gillian lost 15.6kg

"I would definitely recommend the balloon, it was brilliant."- Gastric Balloon Patient, lost 20.31% of her total body weight.

allure weightloss review

Jen lost 18kg

"I would recommend the balloon to anyone"- Gastric Balloon Patient

Trust in Our Experienced Patient-Focussed Experts

As with any medical procedure, you would hope that the individual treating you was an experienced and trusted professional. Our consultants are handpicked for their dedication to patient care. Afterall, we thrive because of our medical experts. This means you can rest assured that with Allure you will be in safe, carefully selected hands. If you are looking for a gastric balloon placement or weight loss surgery in the UK, look no further than our specialists to help you take the fight to obesity.

1 – 1 Dietetic Support

Enjoy beautiful food full of interesting and complex flavours? Perfect! Our dietetic care, included with your weight loss programme, will help you understand how to maximise your diet with a gastric balloon and minimise the impact on flavour and enjoyment. Our Dietitians are HCPC Registered and members of the British Dietetic Association. With years of experience supporting medical weight loss patients, the Allure Dietitians look forward to assisting you as part of your gastric balloon or weight loss surgery aftercare.

Medical Weight Loss Aftercare

As touched upon already, Allure Patients are privy to a comprehensive aftercare service. This means that as well as 1-1 sessions with a dietitian, you will also be supported by one of our nurses. Regardless of the procedure you elect, you will have the full support of an experienced nurse to help ensure your recovery goes as planned. For more information regarding this care, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our patient advisors who will help guide you through the process.

12 Medical Weight Loss Clinics

With 12 (and counting) medical weight loss clinics across England and Wales, our surgical theatres and gastric balloon placement centres ensure your procedure goes as smoothly and safely as possible. Our wide variety of locations also means that your Allure patient advisor can endeavour to book you in as close to home as possible.

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