How Does a Gastric Balloon Work?

A gastric balloon is a unique weight loss tool. A temporary medical device, the gastric balloon can be placed for up to 12 months with the Orbera 365, and is effective when it comes to helping patients rethink and change their habits. All gastric balloons work in the same way: they occupy around 60% of the stomach, delay gastric emptying, and reduce production of the hunger hormone that we know as ghrelin. Combined, gastric balloons help patients feel fuller for longer, and enable them to make healthier decisions without being hindered by the overwhelming feeling of hunger. By occupying this space, as a non-surgical and temporary device, gastric balloons have been growing in popularity. When supported by a comprehensive aftercare service, they can be tools for great change.

Orbera 365 – FDA Approved

The FDA gastric balloon, placed endoscopically and able to remain in situ for up to 12 months, is the most frequently placed gastric balloon across the globe. The Orbera 365 is a great choice for those that aren’t looking for a surgical solution, have a BMI over thirty, and would like the flexibility to remove the balloon at any time at no extra cost. Patients typically expect an average weight loss of between 10 and 18%, with some patients achieving over 20%. You can find and read our gastric balloon testimonials online today.


Aftercare is essential to the success of gastric balloon placements. A good aftercare programme ensures patients have the tools and knowledge to facilitate long-term habit change and symptom maintenance. Our team has a focus on 1-1 care over app-based support, meaning you can get your questions answered by medical professionals that are able to relate to your needs and concerns. Our team will be with you from the beginning to the end of your journey, rounded off by a post-balloon removal call with our fantastic nurse, Haley.

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