Weight Counselling

With Dr Mark Bruce

An Optional Aftercare Service

What is Weight Counselling?

At Allure, we recognise that everyone has different reasons for weight gain. Be it bad habits, life events, or personal trauma, sometimes we need to look a little deeper than our diets in order to really get to the bottom of things. That is why we offer all our patients the additional option of bespoke Weight Counselling sessions with our in-house specialist Dr Mark Bruce. 

During these sessions you will work with Mark to uncover what it is that has been preventing your weight loss journey from really taking effect. Alongside our gastric balloon programme, this counselling will work to help you to curate a healthier, and more confident way of living, and maintain your weight loss. Making this part of your aftercare programme is as simple as discussing weight counselling with our team. 

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons in the UK.

Dr Mark Bruce, weight counselling specialist

Meet Dr Mark Bruce, Weight Counselling Specialist

“During these appointments, I will help you explore and understand a bit more about your eating habits and relationship with food. Becoming overweight isn’t necessarily due to a ‘simple choice’ or a ‘lack of willpower’. There may be a complex combination of biological, psychological, environmental, and social factors to consider.”

Friendly 60-minute Sessions

During weight counselling, talking points may include, amongst other things, whether there is a link between your feelings and eating habits, or how you relate and speak to yourself when ‘slip-ups’ happen. By the end of your programme, my aim is that there will have been time for reflection, insight, and learning of some helpful tools and strategies to take forward and continue working on.


Ask About Weight Counselling Today

If you feel as though weight counselling may benefit you on your weight loss journey, get in touch today in order to discuss adding this service to your gastric balloon placement and aftercare with Alliure Weightloss. Our specialists will be able to help advise all additional costs, along with any other questions you may have regarding Dr Bruce’s sessions.