The Gastric Sleeve and Pregnancy

People have a lot of questions when it comes to the gastric sleeve and pregnancy, especially if they’re at the beginning of their research or if they are looking into weight loss surgery primarily for reasons relating to fertility. Going private helps to speed up the process and gives patients access to world-class care and resources. For example, we only work with the best consultant surgeons in the UK, handpicked for their talent, experience, and dedication to our patients.

Is it safe to get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery?

After having gastric sleeve surgery you should always consult with your surgeon regarding when it would be safe to get pregnant. This is typically 18 months post-op, after the period of rapid-weight loss that gastric sleeve patients experience, meaning pregnancy will be safer for you and the baby. It will also be essential that you inform your medical team that you have had bariatric surgery before getting pregnant so that they can put all the right protocols in place to ensure yours and your baby’s safety. You will need to pay close attention to your nutritional needs post-surgery, and this will be even more important during pregnancy.

gastric balloon and gastric surgery diagram of the stomach

How does the gastric sleeve work?

A gastric sleeve is considered major surgery and works by removing up to around 80% of the stomach. The gastric sleeve induces rapid weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach allowing for smaller intake of food, whilst supressing ghrelin, the hunger hormone, combined with healthy diet and activity this helps you to lose a significant amount of weight and results in an average of a 70% reduction in excess weight. When it comes to bariatric surgery, weight loss is measured and calculated over a two year period. This is not to be mistaken with the gastric bypass where no part of the original stomach is removed. Instead, the ‘plumbing’ of the stomach is reworked in order to create a new kind of digestive system with a ‘stomach pouch’.

The gastric sleeve and fertility

Obesity has a drastic impact on all areas of our health. It is no secret that being closer to a healthy weight positively impacts fertility health and reduces complication rates in pregnancy. For those struggling with their weight and conception, weight loss surgery can be the answer they’re seeking to assist them in the next step to fulfilling their dreams. It is also great to note that those that have undergone IVF treatment post-op generally see favourable outcomes. If obesity is standing in your way, get in touch and find out if you are suitable for surgical weight loss today.

The Gastric Sleeve with Allure Weightloss

If you are interested in working with us to achieve your goals, you should get in touch today and speak directly with one of our specialist patient advisors. After you have discussed your goals, needs, and answered some eligibility questions we will set up consultations with your surgeon, nurse, and dietitian so you can be fully informed and comfortable before booking. All gastric sleeve patients are privy to an exclusive Allure Aftercare Service, put in place to maximise your safety and weight loss success.

More options

As already touched upon, we offer the gastric bypass to our UK patients. This is known as the ‘gold standard of bariatric surgery’ among consultant surgeons due to its decades-long history of success for patients. We also offer temporary non-surgical gastric balloons, which are great for those that either don’t meet the minimum BMI requirements for surgery or aren’t looking for a surgical option to begin with. Weight loss with a gastric balloon is measured differently, with expectations being between 10 and 18% of total body weight on average with an Orbera 365.

The gastric sleeve and pregnancy

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