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Are Gastric Balloons Effective?

So, are gastric balloons effective? Gastric balloons are available in the UK across our growing network of clinics from London to Newport, Newport to Leeds. It is best to think of gastric balloons as weight loss tools. They are non-surgical and depend on the patient being willing to make long-term habit-changes for maintained success. Balloon patients typically find they can lose between 10 – 18% on average. Each balloon that we offer works towards the same goal of weight loss, but works slightly differently and can be in place for a different amount of time.

The Orbera 365 – 12 Month Gastric Balloon

the orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon with endoscopic placement device

The Orbera 365 is a device that can stay in the stomach for up to 12 months. The only FDA approved gastric balloon, the Orbera is a great option for those looking for extra flexibility and longer support. As mentioned above, patients can expect an average weight loss of between 10 – 18%, however many patients make even bigger losses. For example, Sarah lost 23.17% of her total body weight during her gastric balloon placement. Orbera 365 gastric balloons require an endoscopy at placement and removal, and you will not be charged extra if you request or require an early removal.

An Orbera patient may experience some symptoms in the first few days of placement, including cramping and nausea, but these symptoms tend to pass once the stomach has become familiar with the balloon being in place. To help you adjust to the balloon, you will be following a liquid diet for the first week before moving onto purees and then solids.

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Leading Gastric Balloon Consultants

Our consultants are industry leaders when it comes to the placement and removal of gastric balloons. Their extensive experience as gastroenterologists or as bariatric surgeons helps us to provide patients with the comfort and piece of mind that their needs are being tended to every step of the way. Alongside our consultants, you will have access to a brilliant aftercare team including 1-1 nurse and dietetic support. This support is in place for your safety, but also so that you can learn new skills that will help you adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

How to Get a Gastric Balloon

The path to a gastric balloon is probably simpler than you thought. Firstly, you should get in touch! A patient advisor will talk you through your options as well as your eligibility. For example, patients need a minimum BMI of 27 for the Gastric Balloon and a minimum BMI of 30 for the Orbera 365.

So, Are Gastric Balloons Effective?

The short answer is YES. As long as they are willing to work with the balloon as a weight loss tool in a mature and measured manner, patients typically experience between 10 – 18% (Orbera 365) total body weight loss with these non-surgical devices. Speak to our specialists today in order to learn more.

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