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Why is Dietetic Care so Important?

From the 6 to 12 month gastric balloon options in the UK, none would be complete at Allure without expert dietetic care. As part of our unique aftercare programme, our dietitian will meet with you monthly to work on the prolonged developments necessary to support weight loss during and after your gastric balloon placement. At Allure, our patients enjoy an average weight loss of 10 -17% (results vary depending on balloon and adherence to the overall Allure Weightloss Programme), which is down to a combination of the balloons making them feel less hungry and the dietitians helping them to change the way in which they eat. As CQC Registered Providers, we believe it is our strict dedication to your health and wellbeing that makes us stand out from the crowd.

What is Dietetic Care?

Dietetic care refers to the process in which a registered dietitian will meet with you to assess and advise on your current diet, supporting and providing you with the necessary information to help change your eating habits for long-term weight loss maintenance and management. We have found that it is this support, provided with understanding and wellbeing at heart, that results in the success we so often find with our patients at Allure. It is also the reason our programme is so highly regarded by GMC registered Consultants.

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Dietitian Meetings During Balloon Placement

Depending on the gastric balloon you elect to have placed, you will enjoy regular meetings with your personal dietitian from 6 to 12 months. These sessions will be conducted via zoom for your convenience. Our dietitians are HCPC registered and are handpicked for their dedication to excellence.

Additional Support

Should you feel as though you need it, we offer additional support in the form of weight counselling with Dr Mark Bruce. These sessions help individuals get to the bottom of their often skewed relationships with food. Should you think this would be beneficial to you, don’t hesitate to mention it when getting in touch with our team. You will also have access to a bariatric nurse, as standard when undergoing gastric balloon placement with us.

Dr Mark Bruce, Weight Counsellor
Dr Mark Bruce

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If you are interested in our 4 to 12 month gastric balloon programmes in the UK, and want to find out more, contact the team of medical weight loss professionals today on 0345 512 0094 or email info@allureweightloss.com.

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