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What is Getting a Gastric Balloon in Newport Like?

Regardless of whether you are going for the Orbera 365 or Swallowable Gastric Balloon, the initial process involved in booking and preparing for your placement is quite similar. In this, the latest blog from Allure Weightloss, we will explore what the process of booking your gastric balloon in Newport is like, and then what you will experience on your placement day.

First, the Gastric Balloon Clinic

The gastric balloon clinic in Newport was specially selected for its reputation for high-quality care facilities, as are all our placement centres. Your placement day will be under the charge of our GMC registered Consultant, chosen for his expertise and experience in gastric balloon placements. For your gastric balloon in Newport, look no further than the experts at Allure Weightloss.

Your Expert Consultant

Mr Michael Nutt is our Consultant in Newport, South Wales. Mr Nutt has a specialist interest in weight loss surgery. Mr Nutt has been practicing since 1990, and left NHS practice in 2020. Mr Nutt is one of out consultants able to administer all of our gastric balloon procedures.

The Gastric Balloon in Newport Booking Process

It starts with a call. It really is that simple to get the ball rolling. Speaking to a member of our medical weight loss team is the fastest way to start your journey. Our team will discuss your eligibility with you, as well as when you would like the treatment, and how you would like to pay. Our team provide strictly ethical, transparent advice, and we pride ourselves in being a CQC registered provider who can truly say we treat our patients like people.

Allurion Balloon Placement Day

You will arrive at the Newport Clinic on the agreed time and date, having made sure to attend all your pre-placement meetings with the nurse, consultant, and Dietitian. You will also have been provided medication to take in advance to help minimise symptoms. You should have made sure to have taken these. Once at the clinic you will be welcomed by a receptionist and taken in to sign some standard forms with your consultant. After the t’s are crossed and I’s dotted, you will be able to begin. In a 20-30 minute appointment you will be encouraged to swallow the balloon. The majority of our patients are able to do this, but if you are having some trouble, Mr Nutt will be able to use a stylet to help the process along. Once in the stomach, you will have an x-ray taken to ensure it is has placed correctly. Once confirmed, the consultant will inflate the balloon, and once inflated you will have another x-ray done to confirm placement. This will be your one and only visit to a clinic, as the balloon is designed to pass naturally at 16 weeks. You will be ready to leave as soon as the consultant has confirmed that the balloon is correctly inflated and in place.

Gastric Balloon Allurion Weight Loss Balloon
Allurion Balloon

Orbera 365 Placement Day

Similarly to the Allurion Balloon placement, you should have attended all your pre-placement meetings and taken your medication as instruction in advance of the Orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon placement. At the clinic you will again be greeted by the receptionist and be instructed to sign documentation alongside Mr Nutt. With the paperwork out of the way things will get underway. This is where things differ. The Orbera 365 requires a controlled endoscopy for placement, and you will be mildly sedated for comfort whilst this happens. After the procedure is completed, in around 30 minutes, you will be requested to rest at the clinic for observation, and then will be free to leave once Mr Nutt confirms you are well to do so. You will need someone else to accompany you, as you won’t be able to drive due to the anaesthetic.

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Orbera 365

Enquire About Gastric Balloons in Newport

Speak with a medical weight loss specialist at Allure and get the journey for your gastric balloon in Newport started. Simply call 0345 512 0094 or use our online enquiry form.

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