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What Should I Eat After Having an Orbera Balloon Fitted?

Losing weight is a process, not an event, but the Orbera balloon. It takes a lot of time, patience and determination. For many people, it is the commitment that makes it harder to lose weight – not the lack of desire. Allure Weight loss are specialists in fitting gastric balloons, and other medical  weight loss aids. We help people get that extra push to aid them in their weight loss journey. Even using a medical aid such as an Orbera balloon requires some effort on your part. Sticking with a nutrition plan requires determination. That’s why Allure Weightloss are determined to make sure that you understand what you’re agreeing to before you undergo any procedure.

What is an Orbera 365 Balloon?

An Orbera balloon is a type of gastric balloon. These are balloons which go into your stomach in order to partially fill it. This simulates the feeling you get when you are full – meaning you don’t feel the need to eat as much. As a result of eating less, you should start to lose weight.

An Orbera balloon differentiates itself from other types of gastric balloon by its longevity. It can stay  in your stomach for upto 12 months, meaning that you can  have a longer period of time to train your mindset and make the changes required for sustained weight loss. . Fitting and removing the balloon does not need surgery. We fit/remove it during a 20-30 minute endoscopic procedure, which only requires you to be mildly sedated.

12 Month Gastric Balloon UK on a white Table
Orbera 365 12 Month Gastric Balloon UK

Building a nutrition plan for a gastric balloon

Having a gastric balloon fitted is a fairly straightforward process, however it still takes some adjustment. You won’t be able to go straight back to your usual diet after you have had an Orbera  balloon fitted. You need to follow a particular nutritional plan, as laid out by our HCPC registered Dietitians, to ensure that you won’t suffer discomfort as your body adjusts to the change.

Week 1

In the first few days after the Orbera Balloon procedure, it is likely that you will feel some discomfort. This is normal, and is a result of your body adjusting to the presence of the balloon. You may experience some nausea, vomiting, cramping, bloating and possible diarrhoea. It is important during this period that you stick to a fluid diet. In the first week, you should stick to water and other liquid foods.

Week 2

Your stomach will adapt to the Orbera balloon. A gastric balloon changes how your stomach feels – which can take a while to get used to. In the second week, you should be able to start eating some more textured food. While you might not be able to go straight to your favourites, pureed food should become an option. If you start to feel more confident or comfortable, you can begin to eat some soft solid foods. Make sure that you chew any solid food very thoroughly.

Week 3

An Orbera balloon takes a period of time to adjust to. As you start to eat solid foods, you will find that you are full much quicker than previously – meaning you only need to eat small meals. You ought to be able to eat solid foods by your third week. Everyone’s body is different. Some people may adjust quicker to the gastric balloon than others – or slower. Test out how you feel after eating different types of foods, and if you are still struggling with solid foods, then stick to smoother purees or liquid foods for a while longer.

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Long Term Care

What sets Allure Weight loss aside from other providers of weight loss balloons is our focus on customer care. We work with you to ensure that your weight loss journey ends where you want it to. When you have any kind of procedure with us, you will also spend time working with a dietician. Weight loss only works when it is a holistic procedure. You need to work with your body to ensure that any weight you lose stays lost. The Orbera balloon system requires you to stick to the nutritional advice  that our nutritionist will work with you on. 

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