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The Importance of Gastric Balloon Aftercare

Gastric balloon aftercare is at the heart of operations at Allure Weightloss and is just as key to the success our patients experience as the devices themselves. To the team and patients at Allure the importance of this aftercare is apparent, and we thought it best to outline said importance here so that interested parties may feel more informed about the process even before getting in touch. Dedicated to treating our patients like people, Aftercare is a fundamental part of the services we proudly provide.

Registered Dietitian

Alongside a gastric balloon placement, patients will be privy to the expertise of our HCPC registered Dietitian. This is tied to our ethos of the gastric balloon being more of a tool than a solution, with the patient needing to work with it to ensure long-term changes take place. In this respect, the Dietitian will work to provide the necessary information relating to the calorific intake and diet of the patient, hopefully reshaping the way in which the individual approaches food. It is with this intervention that our patients see an average weight loss of between 10 -17% of their total weight, depending on the balloon they elect for and their overall dedication and adherence to the programme.

Nurse Care

After your placement with our GMC registered Consultant, you will be placed into the care of our nurse. The nurse will be able to oversee your recovery from the procedure, make sure all is going to plan, and that you are drinking enough water in those initial days! The nurse will be there for you to discuss any concerns you may have and help to address any problems that may arise.

Weight Counselling

Dr Mark Bruce
Dr Mark Bruce

For that that feel as though they need a little extra support in the form of psychological counselling, our very own Dr Mark Bruce is on hand. An optional extra, this service does come at an extra cost due to the specialism involved, however patients that have worked with him have always appreciated the time spent considering their relationship with food at a deeper level. We appreciate that this service may not be required by everyone, which is why it is optional.

Three Gastric Balloon Programmes

Gastric Balloon Allurion Weight Loss Balloon

There are three gastric balloon programmes available through Allure Weightloss, which include the 4, 6, and 12 month gastric balloons. Each differs slightly, but all of them come complete with our celebrated aftercare programme. How do they differ? The Allurion Balloon, for example, is swallowable and comes in a pill form, whilst the others require an endoscopy upon placement and removal. Furthermore, it is the Allurion Balloon that famously passes naturally at around the 16 week mark, but it is also for this reason that there are more contraindications (reasons a patient may not qualify for the Allurion Swallowable Gastric Balloon) than there are the 6 month BiB or 12 Month Orbera 365. There are several reasons why you may choose one balloon over the other, and our gastric balloons specialists will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as outline the key and most important differences for you. Interestingly, you may also want to know that 50% of any weight loss achieved will occur within the first month, regardless of the balloon.

Whilst placement of the balloon is non-surgical and non-invasive, especially in comparison to traditional bariatric surgeries, it is important to remember that this is a medical procedure, and therefore a dedicated aftercare pathway with registered professionals should be at the forefront of considerations when considering a provider. Likewise, always ensure said provider is CQC registered.

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