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The Gold Standard of Bariatric Surgery

The gastric bypass is known as the gold standard of bariatric surgery amongst consultants and other healthcare professionals. This is because the gastric bypass is associated with greater and sustained weight loss in comparison with other bariatric surgeries such as the gastric band and sleeve. The average weight loss with a gastric bypass is around 70% as measured over a two year period.

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The Roux-en-Y vs Mini Gastric Bypass

The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is named so after the individual who developed the procedure. This version of the surgery has endured for decades and has a high success rate. The ‘mini’ gastric bypass on the other hand is a relatively recent development, and consultants prefer to refer to it as the ‘single’ or ‘one’ anastomosis gastric bypass. This is because the latter requires only one surgical join, whereas the former requires two. Although the two are extremely similar surgeries, there are pros and cons to both that our patient advisors will be happy to discuss with you. For example, there is less risk of infection with the single anastomosis bypass due to there being fewer surgical joins to the small intestine.

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