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The Gastric Balloon Specialists in Leeds

Allure Weightloss provide gastric balloon procedures in Leeds, as well as across the UK. From our clinic in Leeds, we are able to offer both the Allurion Balloon 4 month and Orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon with GMC registered Consultant Dr Noor Mohammed. An expert in his field, we carefully select all of our consultants in order to ensure comfort and peace-of-mind for our medical weight loss patients.

The Clinic

Our gastric balloon clinic in Leeds is based at Living Care, 4600 Park Approach, Leeds. All of our clinics are independently CQC registered, and selected for their dedication to excellence, as well as location. Being in Leeds, this clinic is easily accessed by all those across Yorkshire and beyond, serving as a convenient location for gastric balloon placements for our patients in the North of England. You can find information regarding all ten centres across England and Wales here.

Allure Gastric Balloon Clinic in Leeds
Gastric Balloon Clinic in Leeds

What to Expect

Your gastric balloon placement experiences can differ slightly depending on which balloon you are electing for. Both are non-surgical, with the Orbera 365 requiring an endoscopy and anaesthetic, and the other coming in a swallowable pill form. The latter not requiring you to attend again for removal, as the Allurion Balloon passes naturally at around the 16 weeks mark. You can expect to feel temporarily uncomfortable for the first few days after your placement (although this isn’t always the case), as your body attempts to reject the foreign object now taking up 60% of your stomach. During this time you will likely feel nauseas and experience some cramping, which is completely normal. Our nurse will be in touch during the first few days to ensure everything is going smoothly.

The Allure Weightloss Programme

The Allure Weightloss Programme is complete with Dietetic Care as standard, as well as support from our Bariatric Nurse. Your 1-1 dietetic sessions with a HCPC registered Dietitian will help you reframe the way you think about food and work to maximise your weight loss with gastric balloons. Celebrated for our care and effectiveness, we prepare you for life during and after your balloon for long-term success.

If you feel as though you should require it, we are also able to offer weight counselling (at an extra cost) with the wonderful Dr Mark Bruce.

Contact Us

Start your weight loss journey with Allure today by getting in touch with a member of our team. Feel free to call 0345 512 0094 or email us on info@allureweightloss.com now. Patients can typically expect to lose 10 – 17% with the Allure Weightloss programme (results vary depending on balloon and dedication to the programme).

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons.

CQC Good Inspection Rating