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The Balloon

The Allurion Elipse Balloon once filled, is about the size of a medium grape fruit and occupies about 60% of your stomach, hence creating a feeling of fullness which makes you eat less and feel full for longer.

The balloon is made from a material called polyurethane, which is 85% lighter than other silicone gastric balloons (Orbera 365, Spatz, BiB, Reshape). We believe that this makes the Elipse balloon gentler on the stomach, and more malleable, rather than sitting on one spot. This does lead to much higher tolerance levels for patients in contrast to other balloons, although there is no official data confirming this.

A special filament bounds the balloon together, which is exposed only to the internal contents of the balloon. Along with distilled water inside the balloon there is a food preservative that slowly
degrades this filament over time.

At approximately 16 weeks the filament is fully degraded, and the balloon opens and gently releases its contents into the stomach, leaving the polyurethane membrane to pass naturally through the GI tract and into the toilet.

The Capsule and Catheter

The vegan capsule encases the deflated balloon and is attached to a thin wire (catheter) that is used to transmit the distilled water into the balloon. This catheter is radio opaque, meaning it is clearly visible on x-ray for the doctor to identify the location of the attached capsule before filling of the balloon commences.

After filling has completed, and one more x-ray to confirm positioning of the balloon, the doctor gently pulls on the catheter which detaches from the balloon and removes the catheter.

The Stylet

Seven out of ten patients can swallow the capsule unassisted, however the remaining three out of ten need a little help. This help comes in the form of the ‘Stylet’ – a thin wire that is inserted into the catheter to stiffen it, which then enables the doctor to gently nudge the capsule past the back of your throat and into the gullet as you swallow some water simultaneously.

Thanks to the Stylet, data has shown that 99.9% of patients manage to swallow the Elipse capsule.

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not satisfied with diets and exercise alone
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Average Weight Lost
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Weight loss maintenance
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Swallow the capsule 3

Smart Digital Scales and Watch

The Elipse Programme includes a set of state of the art smart scales and health tracker watch. The scales capture a variety of metrics including body fat, visceral fat, body water and BMI  and can be used by up to four people in your household. The watch measures your daily steps, heart rate, sleeping pattern amongst some of the metrics, helping you to keep track of your activities.

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The Smartphone App

The smart scales link to the Allurion App, a free app which you need to download onto your smartphone, and If you have a Fitbit you can also link the app to your Fitbit account!

It is important to send your weight readings, via the app to your dietitian on a weekly basis so that they can keep track of your progress in between your appointments.

Be Inspired

Watch Richard's Elipse weight loss story

In myself I'm so much more comfortable, I'm so much more confident, I feel better in myself, I've just become a happier person!

Richard, UK

Did you know

Why a long term balloon?

Studies have proven that 80 -90 % of the total weight loss from any gastric balloon occurs in the first 3-4 months, with 50% in just the first month! The Elipse balloon stays resident for approx 4 months. 1

Painless passage

45% of patients do not even notice the balloon passing, meaning 55% will notice it in the toilet. 2

Tried and tried again

The Elispe will certainly give you that much needed boost to kick start your weight loss. 76% of consumers are not fully satisfied with previously tried weight loss solutions.3

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Used in more than 100 weight-loss centres across Europe and the Middle East
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Balloons have been distributed worldwide* Unlike other gastric balloons, Elipse is the only gastric balloon requiring no invasive medical procedure
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No reported adverse events

How widely is the Elipse Balloon used?​

The Elipse Balloon has been widely available in Europe since 2012, though it is in recent years that it has gained tremendous popularity attributed to the many success stories associated with the Elipse Programme and its safety profile.

Safety First

Total adverse events reported were less than 2% in over 30,000 Elipse Balloons distributed.

(Data from March 2016 – September 2020)

The top 10 adverse events reported and incidence:

Premature Deflation 0.44%
Intolerance 0.26%
Small Bowel Obstruction 0.09%
Hyperinflation 0.8%
Dysphagia 0.03%
Gastric Outlet Obstruction 0.03%
Gastric Perforation 0.01%
Incomplete Device Emptying 0.01%
Pancreatitis 0.02%
Gastroparesis 0.01%

How much data is there on the Elipse?

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1: Ienca et al abstract 237 presented at IFSO 2019 Madrid, Spain
2 Ienca et al submitted to IFSO 2020. Presented at Allurian Masterclass May 2020
3:Allurion consumer market research; 9800 respondents, 8 geogoraphies; Oct 2018