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The 12 Month Gastric Balloon Explained

The world of gastric balloons can come across as intimidating and, more often than not, complicated. At Allure Weightloss we are CQC registered providers of three distinct gastric balloon programmes with aftercare. These include the 4, 6, and 12 month gastric balloons. Today we are going to focus on the latter. This is so you are able to fully digest the information presented in this blog, and achieve a comprehensive understanding of how the process works from start to finish.

So, What is the Orbera 365 12 Month Gastric Balloon UK?

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The 12 month gastric balloon is, well, just that. A gastric balloon designed to stay in your stomach for 12 months and help you feel fuller for longer, providing you the chance to implement lifestyle changes that will last for the long-term. The official name of our 12 month gastric balloon is the Orbera 365 which represents the manufacturer that develops them. Popular in the USA and indeed Europe, the 12 month gastric balloon is available in the UK through various providers including here at Allure Weightloss. With a 12 month balloon patients typically expect to lose anywhere between 10 – 15% of their total body weight. The balloon will make you feel full by taking up around 60% of the existing space in your stomach.

It is important also to consider that the Orbera 365 is non-surgical. This being said, it does differ from the Allurion 4 month balloon as it requires an endoscopy to place and remove. The 12 month balloon medical procedures are done under anaesthetic for your comfort and convenience.

The First Few Days

Usually, you will not be expected to stay overnight at our clinic, and you will be able to travel home to same day providing you have somebody there to drive you. The first days after placement may be a shock to the system, with your body attempting to reject the balloon. This is completely normal, and will wear off. You won’t be alone, however, as you will have access to our bariatric nurse and support team should you have any questions or concerns. During this time you will be on a liquid diet, slowly moving onto puree foods and then solid foods after a few weeks. You will feel full, and purposefully overeating will make you feel sick.

6 Months Mark

By this time you should have made significant progress with our programme, and found you have already reached your expected weight loss. You will also have been working with our HCPC registered Dietitian, and should have started to look at the way you eat differently, approaching food in an informed and controlled manner. Should you need anymore support, we also offer psychological assistance to our patients at an extra cost. This assistance is in the form of Weight Counselling with Dr Mark Bruce, a leader in his field. By this point you should have felt comfortable with your gastric balloon in place for some time, potentially not even noticing it being there other than the speed in which you feel full!

12 Months

By this point we will have already spoken about and booked in the removal of the 12 month gastric balloon UK. It is even possible that you will have felt confident with your weight loss and ability to maintain it way before this point, and opted to have it out sooner! Either way, patients will still enjoy the support of our Dietitian until the 12 months is up. As touched on, our dietitians are HCPC registered, meaning you can be certain you are receiving the highest levels of information and care possible.

After Removal

With the skills you have learnt with us, maintaining the weight loss you have achieved should feel more than possible. Either way, our team will look forward to hearing how you get on, and be no more than a phone call away should you like to leave a testimonial, or ask us any lingering questions!

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