Swallowing Aid

We are committed to you getting the most out our elipse programme which is why your weightloss journey continues after your balloon has left the body.

What is this device and how does it work?

Gastric Balloons induce weight loss by increasing satiety (fullness), delaing gastric emptying and reducing the amount of food eaten at each meal

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The Elipse Balloon experience takes place during a brief 20-minute walk-in placement
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Losing weight the smartest way

Sometimes it can become difficult to maintain and encourage healthier lifestyle habits, such as excersicing regularly

Stay motivated by monitoring your progress each week

Using your specifically made app to track your progress, you can use your stylish wireless scale and easy-to-use app to record real-time date: BMI, weight,body fat and more

Allowing you to send your progress to your doctor, family and frends


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