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Get the Swallowable Gastric Balloon in Birmingham

The Allurion Balloon is a swallowable gastric balloon available through our clinic in Birmingham with the esteemed GMC registered Consultant Mr Amir Khan. If you are interested in the 6 or 12 month gastric balloons, we also have a gastric balloon clinic in Tamworth that is able to accommodate those procedures!

The Swallowable Gastric Balloon in Birmingham

Mr Amir Khan
Mr Amir Khan

The swallowable gastric balloon supports our patients to lose 10 – 15% of their total body weight (on average) within a 16-week period. A remarkable achievement, this temporary procedure is known to noticeably change the lives of our patients, and you can find their testimonials on our website today. The Allurion Balloon works by occupying around 60% of the patient’s stomach, suppressing hunger and limiting food intake. This successful weight loss balloon is then designed to deflate and pass naturally at around the 16-week mark. The procedure itself takes around 20 – 30 minutes and is overseen by one of our GMC registered Consultants, which is Mr Amir Khan in Birmingham, and Mr Madhok in Tamworth.

4, 6 & 12 Month Balloons in Tamworth

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Along with the Allurion Balloon, we are also able to accommodate the placement of BiB 6 Month Balloons and the Orbera 365 in Tamworth with Mr Madhok. As with all our clinics, this clinic was specially selected for its location, as well as its commitment to adhering to the high standards that we uphold at Allure Weightloss. You can get in touch for more information today.

What Makes Allure Unique?

Whilst it is true that there are a plethora of gastric balloon placement centres to choose from, it is also true that there isn’t one quite like Allure Weightloss. Our dedication to treating patients like people, providing unrivalled aftercare, and ensuring we are CQC registered, are all a huge part of how we separate ourselves from the crowd. You can find more information about our bespoke aftercare on our website today, with everything from our HCPC registered Dietitians to Bariatric Nurses covered.

What is CQC Registration?

CQC Registration is an essential part of any reputable organisation. The Care Quality Commission is an official body that was established in 2009, and is charged with ensuring standards across health and social care in England and Wales are properly regulated. You can easily find details regarding the Allure Weightloss CQC registration on their website.

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Speak to a gastric balloon specialist in Birmingham today by contacting us on 0345 512 0094 or by emailing info@allureweightloss.com. Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form.

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