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Sustaining Weight Loss with Dietitian Care

Choosing to lose weight is one of the hardest things you can do but dietitian care can help. Around 60% of people in the UK are classed as either obese or overweight. This means that there are millions of people who would like to lose weight, but have either been unable to, or have not been able to motivate themselves to start. Allure Weight Loss are specialists in helping people start their path to weight loss, and in sustaining that weight loss for the years to come. One of the ways that we help people maximise their chances of sustaining weight loss is with our specialist dietitian care.

What is Dietitian Care?

At Allure Weight Loss, you will work with HCPC registered  dietitians throughout your weight loss journey. Those dietitians will be present prior to r getting a weight loss aid, as well as after the process. Here is where their care really begins. Losing weight is not just about stopping eating. It is about changing your lifestyle and mindset, and trying to maintain those changes for a long period of time. Our dietitian care focuses on discussing  food choices and habits  throughout the process of losing weight. These discussions will vary as you adjust to your changing lifestyle.

What Do You Mean by Sustaining Weight Loss?

It is hard to get accurate figures, as weight loss and regain can be subjective. However, some estimates suggest that as many as 90% of people who lose weight on diet plans regain at least some of the weight that they lost. Sustaining weight loss is about ensuring that losing weight comes as a part of a wider change of lifestyle and mindset When you have a weight loss aid, such as an Allurion Balloon, you will find that you make rapid changes to your body, and lose a significant amount of weight quickly. This can sometimes lead to not feeling the need to make significant changes to your lifestyle. To sustain your weight loss, you need to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, even after the balloon is no longer in your stomach.

How does Dietitian Care Help?

Allure Weight Loss work with dietitians to help you maintain the weight that you have lost. We believe that aftercare is the most important part of losing weight. That’s why around 98% of our patients achieve at least 10-15% weight loss. A study of Allurion Elipse patients found that around 95% of weight lost can be sustained for 12 months after the balloon passes through you – if you maintain the changes that the dietitian will help you to make.

Helping you Lose Weight

Allure Weight Loss are experts in helping all sorts of people lose weight. That is something that many weight loss companies can claim. However, there are very few who can honestly say that they are as committed to customer aftercare as we are. We focus on making sure that you are sustaining your weight loss over a long period of time, rather than simply leaving you to it. We understand that weight loss is a journey, and that everyone takes a different amount of time to reach their destination.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s talk about how you can lose weight – that stays lost.