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Weight loss is a challenge that the majority of us in the UK face at one point or another, but the experience can be drastically improved with the help of state of the art weight loss devices. Traditional methods can work really well, especially if you have the time and drive to put yourself to work. Sometimes, however, we need a little help, a little boost to get things going. Support like this can come in many forms, such as a training partner, or coach. When it comes to Allure Weightloss, however, we make use of state of the art weight loss devices in the form of gastric balloons. Gastric balloons are inflated in your stomach, and stay there for a set amount of time, making you feel fuller for longer! Unable to eat like you did before the balloon, whilst it is in place you will look to lose roughly 10 – 15% of your body weight (on average). These balloons come in a number of different forms, and are considered non-surgical medical weight loss interventions. Moreover, with Allure our nurses and dietitians, to help make those necessary lifestyle changes that will further support and maintain weight loss beyond the balloon placement, support you.

Our State of the Art Weight Loss Balloons

As touched on, we have a number of balloons available. These span from the swallowable gastric balloon pill to the Orbera 365 12-month gastric balloon. These balloons differ slightly to one another, mainly in regard to the way they are placed in and removed from the stomach.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon Pill

This is formally known as the Allurion Balloon, and is famous for the fact it does not require an endoscopy or anaesthetic. Coming in the form of a swallowable gastric balloon pill, the patient would look to simply swallow the device and when it is safely in the stomach, have it inflated via a catheter. After around 16 weeks, the Allurion Balloon will deflate and pass naturally. A state of the art weight loss device, we are happy to offer this gastric balloon as part of the Allure Weightloss Programme.

BiB 6 Month Gastric Balloon

The 6 month gastric balloon differs distinctly from the Allurion Balloon, as it requires an endoscopy at the beginning and end of the 6 month placement period. Just like all balloons, you will find 50% of your total weight loss achieved in the first month! The rest of the time will be spent achieving that other 50% whilst working with our HCPC registered Dietitians.

Orbera 365 12 Month Gastric Balloon UK

The 12 month gastric balloon in the UK is a popular option as it provides individuals with the opportunity to optimise their time with our dietitians. Just like with the 6 month balloon, the 12 month gastric balloon is placed in the stomach via endoscopy. Once removed, we hope that the support you have received will help you maintain your weight loss. Any state of the art gastric balloon should be viewed as a weight loss tool, rather than a weight loss solution.

Dietetic Care

As we’ve touched on, the Allure Weightloss programme is unique in that is comes complete with Dietetic Care as standard. This care follows the duration of your balloon placement, and even sometimes longer in order to ensure you have the information necessary to make those all-important changes to your diet. This combination of device and dietetic care is at the core of the programmes’ success, and you will be hard pressed to find another medical weight loss service that offers such a fantastic state of the art weight loss package.

Our Team

Our handpicked, GMC registered Consultants and HCPC registered Dietitians are complimented by our expert medical weight loss support team in order to provide the highest levels of care possible. CQC registered, we make sure you have the tool to meet your goals. You can meet our team on our website today. This all combines to provide a state of the art weight loss experience.


Our state of the art weight loss support team will be able to help you with this, but it is important to note you must have a BMI of no less than 27 to have a gastric balloon placed, and you must not be contraindicated. There are a number of factors that may mean you are contraindicated for one balloon and not another, so simply get in touch to find out more.

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