30 Days of Protection for Just £200

What is Our Severe Intolerance Warranty?

Cover yourself against severe intolerance for just £200 for 30 Days. This optional warranty protects you against the additional cost of early removal in the event of severe intolerance. Severe intolerance is a potential side effect of any gastric balloon placement

This warranty allows patients to protect themselves against the cost of procedure fee within the first 30 days. 

We will not be able to provide a complete refund, due to the costs incurred involved in procuring medication and dietetic care. This is the same for all providers.

There will not be any additional ‘excess’ to pay. You will simply be refunded the procedure fee if your case falls within our terms and conditions. 

This warranty is 100% optional, and is not required in order to have a gastric balloon placed, but it does provide patients with an extra level of financial protection over their medical weight loss investment.

Terms and conditions apply.

Please contact an Allure Weightloss representative for more information.