Safety Profile

How widely is the Elipse Balloon used?​

The Elipse Balloon has been widely available in Europe since 2012, though it is in recent years that it has gained tremendous popularity attributed to the many success stories associated with the Elipse Programme and its safety profile.

Safety First

Total adverse events reported were less than 2% in over 30,000 Elipse Balloons distributed.

(Data from March 2016 – September 2020)

The top 10 adverse events reported and incidence:

Premature Deflation 0.44%
Intolerance 0.26%
Small Bowel Obstruction 0.09%
Hyperinflation 0.8%
Dysphagia 0.03%
Gastric Outlet Obstruction 0.03%
Gastric Perforation 0.01%
Incomplete Device Emptying 0.01%
Pancreatitis 0.02%
Gastroparesis 0.01%

Used in more than 100 weight-loss centres across Europe and the Middle East
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Balloons have been distributed worldwide* Unlike other gastric balloons, Elipse is the only gastric balloon requiring no invasive medical procedure
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No reported adverse events
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How much data is there on the Elipse?

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