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Real Patients, Real Gastric Balloon Results

For those who are unfamiliar with gastric balloon programmes, it is easy to imagine them as some kind of gimmick. Afterall, they aren’t as well-known as the gastric bypass or sleeve, but they really should be. The gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss tool that allows patients to temporarily effect their body whilst implementing long-term change for sustained weight loss. Some of our patients have been generous enough to let us show-off their success, and their testimonials can be found free on our site.

Gastric Balloon testimonial
Sarah lost 16kg!

Generally speaking, patients can look forward to a weight loss of between 10 – 15% of their total body weight. Our first example, however, was able to lose a fantastic 17% thanks to her determination to comply with the programme. To paint a clearer picture, before Sarah began our weight loss programme, she was 14st 1lb and by the end was 11st 8lb, a reduction of 16kg. Sarah had this to say about her experience with Allure Weightloss:

“I felt supported the entire way through… It was a new way of thinking of weight loss, an initial kickstart with the long-term goal of creating new and healthy habits.”

Our programme also comes complete with a celebrated aftercare service that includes a HCPC registered Dietitian and nurse to help you make those necessary lifestyle changes. We have ten (and counting) placement centres across England and Wales, enabling us to get patients seen as close to home as possible.

gastric balloon patient testimonial
Aisha, lost 13kg

The Orbera 365 comes with a history of 20 years behind its belt, with over 400,000 balloons placed worldwide. The Orbera 365 is placed endoscopically by one of our consultants and requires a mild sedation. The Orbera 365 is also able to last longer in the stomach (up to 12 months) and finds patients lose an average of anywhere between 10 – 17% of their total body weight. The Orbera 365 can be removed at the patients request.

Another Allure patient was Aisha from Brimingham who managed to lose a fantastic 13kg. Aisha had this to say about her experience with Allure Weightloss:

“The programme was brilliant. It gave me the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lose weight. The aftercare, especially from Odul, was amazing.”

When it comes to accepting testimonials from patients, we make it clear that it is completely voluntary and that we are willing to change their names and blur their faces for the sake of preserving their privacy. We appreciate each and every patient that works with us on the Allure Weightloss Gastric Balloon Programmes, with every new placement being a new adventure to a happier and more fulfilling way of life.

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