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Encourage Portion Control with a Gastric Balloon

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Gastric balloons enable portion control by filling up around 60% of the stomach and suppressing ghrelin, the hunger hormone. This provides patients with the ‘space’ to implement important lifestyle changes, undeterred by overwhelming feelings of hunger. From 4 to up to 12 months, the gastric balloon options available through the specialist Allure Weightloss clinics are placed by consultants at the top of their fields, with the device itself having been in circulation for 20 years.

Our Gastric Balloons

The Orbera 365 is commonly referred to as the 12 month gastric balloon in the UK and is available across several of our UK clinics. The Allurion Balloon is also a popular option and is available across all of our clinics. The Allurion Balloon is a newer technology, coming in the form of a swallowable capsule. It also passes naturally, eliminating the need for an endoscopy or sedation. The Orbera 365 does require an endoscopy, and the reasons for having one balloon over another vary, including existing medical complications or simply preference. Moreover, the Allurion Balloon lasts for around 16 weeks and some individuals feel like this might not be long enough.

Gastric Balloon Side Effects

Side effects in the first few days are common. These include nausea, cramping, sickness, and are completely normal. We provide patients with medications to help alleviate these symptoms, but individuals must keep in mind that your body is adjusting to a foreign object. It will get used to the balloon, after which you will be able to get on with your life as normal.

Unrivalled Aftercare

Choosing a clinic may not be as straight forward as you may think. One important thing to consider, however, is the aftercare that is available to patients. At Allure, we pride ourselves in providing the aftercare that helps individuals to implement those necessary lifestyle changes we have already spoken about, our HCPC registered Dietitian will work with you in creating a plan that is both sustainable and right for you. You will also have access to our nurse, an integral part of ensuring your health is our number one priority.

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Gastric Balloon Costs

The cost of gastric balloon programmes starts at £4095 for the Allurion Balloon and £4595 for the Orbera 365. The are several payment options available, including 0% split finance. Aftercare is included in the cost, and access to our Weight Counsellor may be attained at an extra.

Enquire Now

If you’ve got any questions, get in touch with the team at Allure Weightloss. We are a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons in the United Kingdom, ensuring high standards across all of our facilities.

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