Placement Day


Placement Day

We advise coming along with someone else if possible, for added support and for someone to chat to immediately after placement for the journey home.

Before you arrive

You will be asked to refrain from eating anything during the morning of your placement, but you can continue to drink still water, clear tea with honey is also fine. Stay hydrated until around 2 hours before placement. 

Avoid wearing any necklaces or using lipstick or lip balm before you head to the placement facility, necklaces may affect the x-ray imaging and lipstick can stick to the capsule you will swallow.

On Arrival at the Placement Centre

You will be met by staff at the facility, and after a few formalities (sign in, temperature check, and hand sanitation) you will meet your doctor and be taken through to the x-ray room where the procedure takes place.

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The Procedure

Sitting upright in a chair, you will swallow your balloon capsule attached to a thin tube, with a glass of water. If you need assistance your doctor will help you with the use of the Stylet  An X-ray is taken to check the capsule is where it is supposed to be, then the balloon filling is initiated – this takes about 6 minutes.

Once filling has completed, another X-ray is taken to confirm the balloon is in place, and filled correctly before your doctor gently pulls the catheter out leaving the balloon inside your stomach. 

The procedure has taken no more than 20 minutes, in many cases even less! 

Placement Day FAQ's

The Elipse placement takes place at one of our CQC registered diagnostic facilities. There is no need for hospital admittance. The time spent at the facility is no longer than 30 minutes.

The Elipse balloon is encapsulated in a capsule that you swallow with a glass of water, whilst attached to a catheter. Your doctor will guide you.

99.9%  can swallow the capsule containing the Elipse Balloon without any problems.

However, if you do have difficulty swallowing it, your doctor can use a thin wire (stylet) to help guide the capsule into place – still without endoscopy or anaesthesia.

The balloon is filled with 550ml of distilled water.

As soon as the procedure is over you will be able to go straight home.

People on average lose between 10 and 15% of their body weight over the course of our Elipse Programme

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The 21st Century way to lose weight

How much does the Elipse Programme cost?

The 21st Century way to lose weight

How much does the Elipse Programme cost?

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