Mr Javed Sultan, consultant bariatric surgeon

Meet Our Consultant Bariatric Surgeons

There is a lot to consider when choosing a private provider of bariatric surgery in the United Kingdom, one of which is to know your consultant bariatric surgeons. One of the most important things for patients generally is to know who it is that will be operating on you, and ensuring you are able to trust that they are at the top of their respective fields. As with all the wonderfully talented consultants here at Allure Weightloss, our bariatric surgeons were carefully selected for their experience, talent, and dedication to high levels of patient care. As a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons and bariatric surgery, this is incredibly important to us.

Our Consultant Bariatric Surgeons

Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam

Mr Jambulingam

Mr Jambulingam, known as Jambu to the Allure team, is a consultant in general surgery with a specialist interest in gastrointestinal surgery and weight loss surgery. Mr Jambulingam holds extensive experience in all aspects of bariatric surgery including the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and the placement of gastric balloons. His areas of interest include oesophago-gastric surgery covering acid reflux disease, hiatus hernia repair, achalasia cardia and fundoplication, and he regularly performs oesophagectomies and gastrectomies for malignant tumours. His primary area of work is in the London area, specifically North London. Mr Jambulingam’s GMC registration number is 4447025.

Mr Brij Madhok

Allure Consultant Dr Brijesh Madhok

Mr Brij Madhok is a consultant Bariatric Surgeon primarily operating in Derby. Mr Madhok underwent specialist surgical training in London, Manchester, and Yorkshire. Mr Brij Madhok underwent the prestigious Sunderland Bariatric Fellowship before his appointment at the Royal Derby Hospital as a Consultant Surgeon. Hi areas of expertise include laparoscopic surgery, bypass, and sleeve. Mr Madhok also has extensive experience placing gastric balloons for Allure Weightloss. Mr Madhok was awarded Doctor of Medicine (MD) by University of Leeds for his work in cancer research. He also undertook a Postgraduate diploma in clinical health research at University of Leeds. His GMC registration number is 6108502.

Mr Javed Sultan

Mr Javed Sultan

Mr Sultan is extensively trained in all aspects of general and upper gastrointestinal surgery, including weight loss surgeries such as the gastric bypass and sleeve. As with all of our consultant bariatric surgeons, Mr Javed Sultan has been carefully selected for this expertise and dedication to exceptionalism. His GMC number is 6028471. Mr Sultan operates out of the Oaklands facility in Salford. Mr Sultan is proud to deliver patient-centred care and help Allure Weightloss deliver our mission of providing high-levels of patient satisfaction and safety.

Alternatives to Bariatric Surgery

Allure Weightloss are expert providers of gastric balloon weight loss programmes in England and Wales. Gastric balloons are non-surgical and temporary alternatives to bariatric surgery. Options include the BiB System, and Orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon UK.

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