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Making Sure Your Medical Weight Loss Choices are Informed

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Whether you have always struggled with your weight or only recently put on the pounds, it is important that any journey into medical weight loss is well-informed and right for you. At Allure Weightloss, we pride ourselves in providing our prospective patients with enough information to make a sensible and responsible decision. There are two overarching methods of medical weight loss procedures that we offer, the gastric balloon and bariatric surgery. These both include a dedicated aftercare programme of bariatric nurses and HCPC registered Dietitians. Weight counselling is also available, although at an extra cost due to the specialist nature of the service.

Gastric Balloon Placements

Gastric balloon placements are a fantastic non-surgical tool that enable patients to relinquish 10 – 17% of their body weight on average. Gastric balloons have a much shorter recovery time than surgeries and stay in the stomach for up to 6, or 12 months depending on the model and programme. Patients must have a BMI of at least 27 for the procedure. An individual may have more than one gastric balloon placed if they do still qualify after the first. In fact, we have patients that come back to us to help support their weight loss journeys.

CQC Registered Provider

As CQC registered providers of medical weight loss, it is integral to the way that we function as an organisation to provide our patients with the highest level of possible care. This, naturally, includes making sure you are provided with thorough verbal and written information regarding the procedure you are interested in.

Speak to Medical Weight Loss Specialists

Get the information you need to make an informed medical weight loss decision today by speaking with the specialists at Allure. Call us on 0345 512 0094 or email info@allureweightloss.com. Alternatively, get in touch via our enquiry form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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