Long Term Care from Allure Weightloss with the Allurion Balloon

Gastric Balloon Allurion Weight Loss Balloon

Choosing to lose weight is a process you should think long and hard about. You don’t need a hard sell, you need a discussion of what is right for you. With Allure Weightloss, we treat you as an individual and focus on your individual needs. That means we work with our dietitian to talk you through your options and discuss with you how best to embark on your weight loss journey. If you have a BMI of 27 or over, we will talk you through the process of losing weight with a Gastric Balloon.

Deciding on the treatment for you

The right way to lose weight is different for everybody. Not all bodies are the same, and not every means of losing weight will work as well for every individual. When you are considering fitting either an Allurion Balloon or an Orbera Balloon, we will book you in for a session with our dietitian. In this session, you will discuss a personalised programme that will work for you and identify the key areas to work on. This will prepare you for the Allurion Balloon/Orbera gastric balloon placement if you choose to go ahead.

Placing the Allurion Balloon

When we fit the gastric balloon, you swallow a small capsule that includes the deflated balloon. This is attached to a catheter wire which transmits the distilled water into the balloon. We use an X-Ray to make sure that the balloon is in the right place, and that everything is progressing as it should.

The Allurion Balloon inflates in your stomach. It takes up more than half of your stomach after it has inflated, making you feel full and therefore eat less. The balloon lasts for around 16 weeks, when it will degrade, open and the water inside will pass into the stomach. Then, the balloon membrane itself will pass out into the toilet.

A Person, Not an App

What sets Allure Weightloss apart from other providers of a gastric balloon is our focus on customer care. We include work with our fully qualified dietitian throughout the whole process, from a pre-placement meeting to a post treatment course of bespoke sessions. We believe that the best way to help a person lose weight and maintain that loss is to treat them as a person. Where other Allurion Balloon companies might relegate their aftercare to an app, we always use our dietician who can understand your specific needs.

Bespoke Sessions

We focus on a series of bespoke sessions of dietitian help to ensure that you get the most out of your gastric balloon. We monitor your progress, and help to guide you through the weight loss journey. Fitting the balloon isn’t the end of the process – it’s the start. We believe that our dietician sessions are crucial to your success in losing weight, and our results back us up. A study of 508 patients has shown that 95% of all your weight loss can be maintained over 12 months – even after the balloon has passed out of your body.

For more information or advice on how we work with you to maximise your weight loss results, get in touch today. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are choosing the right procedure for you, and that you are making the most of it.