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Jennifer Lost 18kg with a Gastric Balloon!

Weight loss can be a challenging journey for all of us, especially if we find ourselves with little time to really focus on it. From being a busy mum to a busy worker, life simply has a way of getting in the way of making sure we are as healthy as we can be. Gastric balloons are a fantastic weight loss device, designed to help patients take a step back from hunger by repressing the hunger hormone ghrelin. By doing this, not only do patients lose weight whilst they have the balloon placed but are in a position to work at permanently changing lifestyle choices and habits for long-term success.

Jennifer lost 18kg with the Allurion Balloon, a gastric balloon that is popular for the fact it doesn’t require an endoscopy or sedation to place. The Allurion Balloon comes in the form of a swallowable capsule the size of a locket. This is attached to a catheter used to fill up the balloon. The procedure has been described as elegant and has been completed over 100,000 times worldwide. After around 16 weeks, and an average weight loss of around 10 – 15% of total body weight, the balloon is designed to deflate and pass naturally through the GI tract.

allurion gastric balloon
The Allurion Gastric Balloon

Jennifer, from Chelmsford, had the following to say about her experience with Allure Weightloss:

‘I had two Allurion balloons within 16 months and lost a total of 2 st 12 lbs (40 pounds). I would recommend the balloon to anyone and would say the most important thing is to make sure you work with the balloon and use it as a tool for achieving your goals. You still have to do all the work and make the right choices. This ensures that your weight loss is sustainable as well. One reason I chose the balloon was to maintain a healthy weight because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. The balloon provided me with a great side effect of lessening my pain and inflammation almost immediately. I’m not sure if this effect was only from the weight loss, but it certainly has allowed me to achieve a healthy weight which greatly benefits my condition.’

Patient Testimonials

As above, patient testimonials are an important part of what we do at Allure, helping us to provide interested individuals with an insight into what life is like as an Allure Patient. You can find all of our current patient testimonials available online here. Every Allure Weightloss gastric balloon programme is completed by HCPC registered dietetic care. These 1-1 sessions enable patients to make those necessary lifestyle changes that we have discussed. Patients are also supported by our nurse in order to ensure their adjustment period to the balloon goes as smoothly as possible.

Other Gastric Balloon Options

Alternative gastric balloon options through Allure Weightloss include the six month BiB and the 12 month Orbera 365 gastric balloon in the UK. These balloons function much in the same way as the Allurion Balloon, differing mainly in that they are composed of silicone instead of polyurethane, and are placed via endoscopy and require a light sedation. Weight loss expectations differ depending on balloon and personal adherence to the programme overall, with the Allurion Balloon providing a 10 – 15% average weight loss and the Orbera a 10 – 17% average weight loss.

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