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How Safe is the Orbera 365?

Recognised for safety and effectiveness, the Orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon is available across several of our clinics across England and Wales. The Orbera 365 gastric balloon has been utilised by weight loss patients worldwide for 20 years, with over 400,000 balloons being distributed. The Orbera 365 is also non-surgical, meaning no incisions are necessary.

How is the Orbera 365 Placed?

The Orbera 365 placement procedure is overseen entirely by the GMC registered Consultant, one that was handpicked for their expertise and experience in the relevant field. Once you are at the placement centre you will be put under light sedation and the deflated balloon will be guided into your stomach via an endoscopy. Once in place, it will be inflated with around 550ml – 600ml of liquid, that includes a special dye in order for the patient to better detect early-deflation. This procedure takes 20 minutes in total, after which you will be asked to stay for observation for 2 hours. Once that time has passed you should be free to go, but you will not be able to drive for 24 hours.

What can an Orbera 365 Patient Expect?

Anyone undergoing the Orbera 365 programme is going to feel rough for the first week or so, and it is important to allocate some time off of work for this. Symptoms commonly include nausea, cramping, and sickness. You will be on a liquid diet for the first week, moving onto purée and then solid foods as your body adjusts to the foreign object in your stomach. During this time symptoms will decrease, and you should slowly get back to normal. Patients will be glad to know that Orbera 365 patients do not experience any symptoms upon removal of the gastric balloon.

Other Options

If you don’t like the sound of an endoscopy, an alternative may be the Allurion Balloon, otherwise known as the swallowable gastric balloon. This device initially comes in the form of a capsule about the size of a locket, which you are encouraged to swallow with help from the registered consultant. Once swallowed, an x-ray will confirm its position and the consultant will fill up the balloon.

Health Benefits

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Obesity comes with several comorbidities that can be detrimental to health and even fatal. These include mobility issues, cancer, heart disease, and more. Gastric balloons help individuals lose excess weight and our dietetic programme puts them on track for a sustainable long-term solution. Allure is all about sustainability and ensuring our patients have the understanding necessary to facilitate their weight loss way after the balloon has been removed.

Speak with an Orbera 365 Specialist

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