How Much Does a Gastric Balloon Cost?

How Much Does a Gastric Balloon Cost?

Losing weight is a long term process. It is a matter of changing your life and habits, rather than just eating less. Deciding to lose weight is a commitment of your time and effort. For increasing numbers of people, it is also a commitment of their money. The diet industry is a growing industry, and many would-be dieters spend lots of money on all sorts of diet plans. Compared to many other weight loss plans and diets, a gastric balloon is a cost effective solution to maximise your weight loss journey.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is inserted into your stomach, and then inflated with water.  The balloon sits in your stomach for approximately 16 weeks. As it is inflated, it partially fills your stomach, so that you feel full, as if your stomach was full of food. At around 4 months, the balloon slowly deflates, as water is released into your stomach. Once the balloon is empty, it will pass out of your stomach and through your digestive system, until it exits into the toilet.

Who Needs a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloons are not for everyone. They are for people who are  overweight, and have struggled to lose weight before. A minimum BMI of 27 is required to be eligible for a Gastric Balloon. As they are long lasting, they are for people who might need to take longer to lose weight. A gastric balloon is for people who need the help to start changing their lifestyle that a balloon can bring.

What is the Cost of a Gastric Balloon?

There are different types of gastric Balloons, depending on the length of time that the balloon has to last, and the process involved in fitting it.

The BiB Balloon lasts for 6 months. This costs £4295. Overall, this works out at just over £700 a month.

Finally, the Orbera 365 lasts a whole year. It costs £4495 overall. This is around £375 a month as an average.

What is Included in the Balloon Price?

Each of our gastric balloon packages includes a range of features and help – not just the cost of the balloon.

They all include:

·        The Gastric Balloon, and the cost of the procedure to fit it.

·        A set of smart scales, and an app to go with it.

·        Bariatric nurse support.

·        A series of bespoke dietitian sessions

·        A weight management app to help maintain your weight loss journey.

·        Medication

The BiB program comes with 6 months aftercare.

The Orbera 365 programme comes with 12 months of aftercare.

Allure Weight Loss

We are nationwide experts in helping people like you lose weight through gastric balloon technology. We understand that losing weight is a journey, not a destination. Because of that, we focus our efforts on helping you lose weight safely and in a way that sticks.

To learn more about how much a gastric balloon costs, or to discuss the payment and financing options that we offer, get in touch today.