Orbera Gastric Balloon

How are Orbera Balloons Placed?

12 Month Gastric Balloon UK on a white Table
The Orbera Balloon before and after inflation

The Orbera 365 12 Month Gastric Balloon UK is a weight loss tool that helps our patients to lose 10 – 17% of their total body weight on average. Along with support from our nuse and dietitian, the balloon enables an individual to make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to facilitate long term success. Overall, our aftercare programme is highly celebrated by consultants and patients alike, as we put people first. This is integral to our ethos as a business and as a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons in the UK. However, there are some key differences between the Orbera 365 and the Allurion Balloon, mainly in regard to how they are placed.

The Orbera 365 is not swallowable like the Allurion Balloon, meaning it requires a more ‘hands-on’ method of placement. In this case, one of our highly qualified consultants will place the balloon endoscopically whilst the patient is under a light sedation for comfort. Once in the correct position in the stomach, the consultant will then fill the balloon with 550 to 600ml of liquid. The silicone balloon will then stay in the patient’s stomach for up to 12 months (it can be removed at any point before this if the patient feels as though they have made the progress they wanted). The removal process is similar in that it requires a light sedation and endoscopy to complete.

Orbera Balloon Aftercare

As with all our gastric balloon programmes, the aftercare that can be expected includes the bespoke support of a nurse and HCPC registered dietitian. The dietitian will help you to make those necessary lifestyle changes as you look to implement sustainable solutions to ensure an appropriate diet can be maintained beyond the placement of the balloon. Patients also have the opportunity to make use of our wonderful weight counsellor at an additional cost. This is because we recognise that for some people, relationships with food goes much deeper than the way it tastes.

GMC Registered Consultants

All of our gastric balloon placements are completed by GMC registered consultants, handpicked for their dedication to quality and patient care. With ten centres across England and Wales, our talented consultants help us to provide our medical weight loss services to as many people as possible. You can find information on all our consultants online here.

Dr Noor Mohammed
Dr Noor Mohammed, Leeds

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