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Ten Placement Centres

With ten placement centres (and counting) across England and Wales, Allure Weightloss is perfectly positioned to provide advice, support, and the placement of gastric balloons and the facilitation of their respective programmes. By utilising the highest quality equipment and consultants, our placements and removals are routinely successful and as comfortable as possible.

GMC Registered Consultants

Being in a unique position to handpick our specialist consultants means that you receive the best possible care in your area. All selected due to their experience and expertise, we have a longstanding relationship with our consultants who celebrate our programme, not least because of the level and style of aftercare we provide. You can find your local consultant online today.

Dr Devinder Singh Bansi BM DM FRCP

HCPC Registered Dietitians

Dietetic care is at the heart of our unique gastric balloon aftercare programme. Without it, we believe patients would struggle to maintain long term weight loss because of the balloons.  As such, we employ HCPC registered Dietitians at the top of their fields, each enabling the maintained success of our gastric balloon patients that are ready to put the work in. At Allure Weightloss, we are completely transparent with our patients in that the gastric balloon should be viewed as ‘tool’ rather than an all-encompassing solution, a solution which involves permanent lifestyle changes. We provide the both the balloon placement, and access to the knowledge necessary to facilitate those changes as standard.

Weight Counselling

Should you feel as though you need it, extra psychological support is available through our separate weight counselling programmes that you may have run alongside your gastric balloon placement. Due to the additional specialist nature of this service, it does come at an extra cost, however patients that have opted for it have found it to be enlightening, and sometimes life changing. Our relationship with food is often very complicated, and it is sometimes necessary to get to the psychology root of that before – or so that – we can make effective change.

Gastric Balloon Programmes

At Allure we provide three distinct gastric balloons and adjacent programmes, which include the support from dietitians and nurses as standard. These include the 6 month gastric balloon, and 12-month gastric balloon programmes in the UK. They differ mainly in length and depending on the balloon can see a reduction in total body weight of anywhere between 10 – 17%.

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Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

The beginning of a healthier life could start today. Begin your weight loss journey with Allure Weightloss by simply getting in touch. Our friendly advisors are on hand to help support decisions that are right for your individual circumstances. Simply call 0345 512 0094 now, or email info@allureweightloss.com. Alternatively, feel free to use our online enquiry form.

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider.

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