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Private Gastric Bypass in the Midlands

The Gastric Bypass is a traditional, trusted weight loss surgery that requires patients undergo a procedure which sees a drastic restructuring of the stomach in order to limit space. Lifestyle and dietary alterations are required pre and post-operation. Allure hold gastric bypass surgeries in specialist locations across the UK, including in our Midlands Derby clinic with Mr Madhok.

Derby Private Health represents the best of Allure Weightloss Clinics. As the private patient wing of Royal Derby Hospital, they are dedicated to delivering excellent levels of health and patient care services. As such, we are proud to hold all our private Gastric Bypass Midlands surgeries here.


Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby DE22 3NE


Consultant Bariatric Surgeon

Our Bariatric Consultant in Derby is Mr Brij Madhok. A consultant bariatric surgeon, Mr Madhok underwent specialised training in London, Manchester, and Yorkshire. He is currently the Consultant Surgeon at Royal Derby Hospital and his areas of expertise include laparoscopic surgery and weight loss surgery such as the bypass and sleeve.

roux-en-y gastric bypass, bariatric surgery diagram

Gastric Bypass Aftercare

As a provider of the private gastric bypass in the Midlands, we also provide patients with a dedicated Gastric Bypass Aftercare Service exclusively available to our patients. This particular service includes meetings with our bariatric nurse Jodie, dietitian Chris, and follow-up consultations with your surgeon (Mr Madhok in the case of Derby).

It is important that all patients go into the gastric bypass having made an informed, mature decision based on their medical history and needs. You can find more information about the gastric bypass here.

Allure Weightloss are CQC registered providers of bariatric surgery and gastric balloons in the UK.

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