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Gastric Balloon Clinics in the Midlands

If you are a a resident of the Midlands or simply like the look of the clinics in the region, Allure Weightloss offer 3 options for your gastric balloon placement or bariatric surgery. Each handpicked for its dedication to high-quality services and patient care, our team ensure patients can make the most of these independently CQC registered clinics. The clinics themselves are spready across the Midlands, located in Derby, Tamworth and Birmingham. These clinics are led by Mr Madhok in the former two and Mr Khan in the latter. Again, our consultants are carefully chosen for their experience, talent, and qualifications.

Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss procedures are perfomed by medically trained professionals in order to help a patient that has been struggling to lose weight. Naturally, there are a number of eligibility requirements, one of the biggest being a patients BMI. Between 27 and 55 is ok for the Allurion Balloon, 30 and 50 for the Orbera 365, and 35 or above for the gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. As a medical procedure, the potential for risks and complications exist and our team will be happy to outline those with you. We always recommend a patient does extensive research before deciding to go ahead in order to best assess the right path for them.

Gastric Balloon Derby, Tamworth, and Birmingham

The gastric balloon is a medical weight loss device that has been around longer than you may think. Building in popularity over the last few years, this tool to kickstart weight loss and build healthier habits is available in two forms with Allure. The Orbera 365 is the only FDA approved gastric balloon that can stay in the stomach for up to 12 months. Commonly referred to as the 12 month balloon, on average patients lose between 10 and 18% of their total body weight. This gastric balloon is placed endoscopically and removed endoscopically, making it our most flexible option when it comes to a patient deciding how long it is in their stomach for. All gastric balloons work by suppressing hunger as they delay gastric emptying and reduce the amount of ghrelin produced (the hunger hormone).

The Allurion Balloon, on the other hand, has been described as more ‘elegant in its simplicity’ for those that do not like the idea of an endoscopy. The Allurion Balloon is placed by the patient swallowing a capsule attached to a catheter. After a short procedure and a couple of x-rays the patient is then free to go home, where they will begin to lose 10 – 15% of their body weight within the 16 week window. At around 16 weeks the balloon is designed to deflate and pass ‘naturally’.

The Allurion Balloon is available from all three clinics in the Midlands, whilst the Orbera 365 is available for placement in Derby and Tamworth.

Private Bariatric Surgery in Derby

Bariatric surgery requires a minimum BMI of 35 and designed to drastically reduce the size and structure of your stomach in order to facilitate weight loss. Both the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass find patients lose around 70% of their excess body weight on average over a two year period. Both of these procedures are available in the Midlands with Mr Madhok at our Derby facility. Prices start from £11,000 for the Sleeve and £12,000 for the Bypass. Surgeries include the support of detailed aftercare from our dietitian, nurse, and follow-up with the consultant.

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If you are considering a gastric bypass, sleeve, or gastric balloon in the Midlands, we could help. Speak with our team today for more information about the procedure, price, and even potential dates.

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of bariatric surgery and gastric balloons.

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