gastric balloon patient testimonial, federica lost 12.8%

Federica’s Gastric Balloon Journey

Everybody’s journey is different, everybody’s journey is special. Federica lost a fantastic 9.6kg during her gastric balloon placement (12.8% of her total body weight), and reported she couldn’t be happier with her weight loss, losing more than she’d anticipated. Federica, based in London, contacted us late last year in order to enquire about our gastric balloon options, finally settling on the Allurion Balloon after receiving all the relevant information from our team. After her placement, Federica reported minimal adverse effects from the balloon and was excited to start her weight loss journey with Allure.

‘My experience was extremely positive. I lost more than 12 % of my body weight in less than 4 months. I also experience very minimal side effects during the programme.’

– Federica, reflecting on the Allure Weightloss Programme

Federica was pleased to note that she felt extremely well supported during her gastric balloon placement. She also said that despite already eating healthily, the dietitian was able to provide additional and very useful tips. Furthermore, Federica also noted what she described as the psychological benefits of the gastric balloon placement, stressing that she believed they weren’t already underlined enough.

‘The programme has been so amazing to me as I lost weight without  being psychologically impacted as I was never hungry and the diet did not impact on my mood, my focus and my sleep.’ 

– Federica, on the psychological benefits of a gastric balloon placement.

Overall, Federica’s experience was a great one, and it is always fantastic when we learn patients have reached their weight loss goals with us. The Allure Weightloss programme is designed to produce results, as we combine up-to-date medical weight loss devices or surgeries with transparent care and the support of a registered nurse and dietitian to ensure patients have the tools for long-term success.

Gastric Balloon Devices

Patients with Allure have the choice between two gastric balloons (depending on eligibility), with Allure. These are the Allurion Balloon and the 12 Month Gastric Balloon. When it comes to what they are placed to do, the balloons are the same, differing slightly in their mechanics and the length of placement.

The Allurion Balloon can stay in the stomach for around 16 weeks, at which point it will deflate in the stomach and the lining of the balloon is designed to pass naturally. 48% of patients notice the Allurion Balloon passing. The 12 month gastric balloon, also known as the Orbera 365, is one which is placed and removed via endoscopy, but can stay in the stomach significantly longer. Patients typically experience a weight loss of between 10 – 15% with the Allurion Balloon and 10 – 18% with the Orbera 365 (on average).

More Patient Testimonials

You can find more patient testimonials online for free at Allure Weightloss. Simply follow this link to view more incredible and inspiring stories. Likewise, if you’d like to speak with a specialist and get booked in for your consultation, you can do now by calling 0345 512 0094, emailing info@allureweightloss.com, or by filling out our online enquiry form. Either way, a member of our team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons and bariatric surgery in the UK.

CQC Good Inspection Rating

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