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The Difference Between Gastric Balloons and Bariatric Surgery

Gastric balloons and bariatric surgery have the same goal in mind, yet differ dramatically in regard to how they are applied / performed. in this blog we will explore the differences between the two, highlight eligibility criteria, as well as some of the key things that patients can expect from their journey. Regardless of what path you go down, with Allure Weightloss you can expect the celebrated aftercare of a highly-trained and experience team of medical professionals, including registered dietitians.

The Orbera 365 Gastric Balloon

The Orbera 365 is the only FDA approved 12 month gastric balloon. This balloon is available across the UK in our independently CQC registered facilities. It is placed endoscopically and requires the patient to undergo a light sedation for comfort. As an authority on the subject, Allure Weightloss are able to clearly advise eligibility on the subject. The basic parameters of which include a minimum BMI of 30 and maximum BMI of 50 to place. Patients can expect an average total body weight loss of around 10 – 18%. Success depends on a number of factors, including adherence to the Allure Weightloss Programme and making the necessary lifestyle changes. The Orbera gastric balloon is designed to occupy around 60% of the stomach. It will require another endoscopy and light sedation to remove, however it can be arranged to be removed at any point within the 12 month period.

The Allurion Balloon

The swallowable Allurion Balloon lasts in the stomach for around 16 weeks and requires a minimum BMI of 27 to place. Famously swallowable, this balloon originally comes in the form of a capsule attached to a catheter. Once in the stomach it can be inflated to occupy around 60% of the given area, where it sits in the fundus, delaying gastric emptying and also reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin. At the end of the (roughly) sixteen weeks, the Allurion Balloon is designed to deflate and ‘pass naturally’. An Allurion Balloon patient can expect a typical average weight loss of between 10 – 15% of their TBW.

Gastric Sleeve

Unlike temporary gastric balloons, the gastric sleeve (also known as the sleeve gastrectomy) is considered under the umbrella term of bariatric surgery. A gastric sleeve is permanent, non-reversable, and requires life-long changes to the way that a patient eats, drinks, and thinks about food. A gastric sleeve is not to be considered lightly, and requires a BMI of 35 to begin to be considered eligible. The procedure itself involves removing up to 80% of the stomach, with results measured over a two year period. Typically speaking, the average loss of excess body weight comes to around 70%.

Gastric Bypass

A gastric bypass, like the gastric sleeve, is bariatric surgery. Instead of removing a large portion of the stomach, the structure of the stomach is instead altered altogether. The surgeon will create a ‘pouch’ that then ‘bypasses’ the original structure of the stomach, directed straight to the small intestine. As you can imagine, this drastically alters the way in which you will be able to eat and how much, requiring life-long alterations to your relationship with food. This procedure is suitable for those struggling with obesity that have a BMI of at least 35. Also known as the roux-en-y, the gastric bypass may also be performed on patients that have previously undergone the sleeve gastrectomy.

Locations and Consultants

With 12 clinics, and counting, across England and Wales, we can ensure patients are seen to as close to home as possible. You can find your nearest centre here. Our specialist consultants are all hand-selected for the dedication to patient-care, experience, knowledge, and talent. Learn more about our team.

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The First Step

The first step to starting your journey with Allure Weightloss is picking up the phone., sending an email, or filling out our enquiry form. What makes Allure Weightloss special is our access to the experts. Speak with our team today in order to determine your eligibility and get the ball rolling towards a healthier and more confident you.

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons and bariatric surgery in the UK.

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