The Difference Between Nutritionists and Dietitians

Dietitians and nutritionists are both considered experts when it comes to providing advice regarding food nutrition and health goals. They do, however, exist separately from one another in that they require substantially different qualifications and regulations. Most importantly is that Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law and are governed by an ethical code of conduct.

Dietetic courses are structured to include the study of biochemistry, physiology, applied science, and research methods. All courses must be approved by the HCPC and be able to demonstrate that graduates meet the Standards of Proficiency for Dietetics. Dietitians are able to work in the NHS as well as in private settings, such as here at Allure Weightloss. Here, patients work with HCPC registered dietitians alongside their medical weight loss programme to maximise their results.

Gastric Balloons

Gastric balloons continue to increase in popularity for good reason. Minimally invasive, requiring a light sedation and endoscopy in the case of the Orbera 365, gastric balloons work by occupying 60% of your stomach, delaying gastric emptying and reducing production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. The gastric balloon is a temporary tool, and patients are required to work with it in order to garner the best weight loss results.

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Bariatric Surgery

Three bariatric surgery options are available with the experts at Allure Weightloss. These include the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, the roux-en-y gastric bypass, and the mini gastric bypass. Revision surgery is also available for those that are eligible for the procedure. Bariatric surgery is considered a major operation and should be thoroughly researched before going through with it. No matter what surgery you elect, the way you approach food will change and you will need to take supplements daily.

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Aftercare is essential to any medical procedure and our celebrated services include the support of an experienced nurse and dietitian. This is to help you with your recovery as well as when it comes to making those long-term habit changes.

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Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons and bariatric surgery in the UK.

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