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Book the 12 Month Gastric Balloon in Derby

The 12 month gastric balloon UK is available across a number of our clinics, including our placement centre in Derby. Along with the swallowable gastric balloon, the 12 month balloon is placed by our regional GMC registered Consultant Mr Brijesh Madhok.

What is the 12 Month Gastric Balloon?

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Also known as the Orbera 365, the 12-month gastric balloon is inserted and removed via endoscopy and is designed to stay in the stomach for up to 12 months at a time. Patients can choose to have it out earlier in the event of intolerance, or they find they are happy with the results they have made. Typically, more patients qualify for the 12 month gastric balloon in the UK, as there are more potential contraindications when it comes to the way in which the Allurion Balloon passes. This makes the 12 month gastric balloon a choice both for those who simply wish for the extra support, as well as those that wouldn’t otherwise be able to have the swallowable gastric balloon placed. Both balloons are available for placement at our clinic in Derby.

Are Gastric Balloons Safe?

When placed by a GMC registered Consultant at a CQC registered Clinic, gastric balloons are a safe, practical, and discreet weight loss tool. There can be some initial side effects as your body gets used to the balloon, including sickness and cramping. You will be provided with full medicated to help you with the adjustment period. It is simply important for patients to remind themselves that these symptoms are a completely natural reaction.

Unique Aftercare

After your placement at our clinic in Derby (or beyond), you will be privy to the celebrated aftercare programme from Allure, which includes HCPC registered Dietitians and Nurses as standard, as well as weight counselling at an additional cost. As touched on, this programme really is celebrated, both by the patients and consultants that we work with.

What is the Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

Allure Consultant Dr Brijesh Madhok

Unlike the 12 Month Gastric Balloon, the Allurion Balloon lasts for 4 months in thew stomach and is swallowable. The balloon is then designed to deflate and pass naturally at the 16 weeks mark, meaning patients only need to go to a clinic once. The swallowable gastric balloon is also 85% lighter than the Orbera, therefor considered to reduce the risk of ulceration as it sits more comfortably in the fundus (upper region of the stomach). Like the Orbera, the Allurion Balloons takes up around 60% of the stomach and reduces feelings of hunger, enabling patients to create new and healthy habits for a more confident self.

Reduce the Comorbidities of Obesity

Obesity is no joke, especially when it comes to a patient’s health. Gastric balloons help reduce the comorbidities associated with obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and issues with mobility.  A gastric balloon is not only life-changing, but lifesaving. These temporary medical devices leave no scarring and require no surgery, meaning you get the best of weight loss without added commitments that come with bariatric surgery.  

Contact Us

Enquire about the 12 month gastric balloon in the UK today, from our centre in Derby or elsewhere. Simply call 0345 512 0094 or email our team on info@allureweightloss.com.

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons in the UK.