Bariatric Surgery: What are My Options?

Bariatric surgery is a fantastic option for those patients that have struggled to lose weight via traditional methods such as dieting and exercise. Bariatric patients with Allure must have a minimum BMI of at least 35 and meet certain medical requirements. To learn more about this you should speak to one of our patient advisors directly on 0345 512 0094. Ultimately, you suitability for any procedure will be determined by the surgeon at your consultation.

The Gastric Bypass

gastric bypass diagram, roux-en-y

The Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass), is known in bariatric circles as the ‘Golden Standard’ of bariatric surgery. This is primarily due to how long it has been used for and how many studies have been conducted. All bariatric surgeries that we offer are evidence-based, but the amount of studies completed on the gastric bypass provide a certain amount of credence to the procedure. Gastric bypass patients can expect to lose around 70% of their excess weight as measured over a two year period. There is much to consider before electing to have a gastric bypass, that’s why our team is trained to help answer your questions.

The gastric bypass works through restriction and malabsorption, limiting the amount of food you can intake and absorb via the creation of a new stomach ‘pouch’. The bypassed remainder of your stomach will be available to provide digestive fluids to the small intestine when the food from the new pouch will with it. This also reduces the production of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin.

More recently, the mini-gastric bypass was developed, distinctive for its use of a single anastomosis (surgical join). This is also a procedure we are able to offer, however eligibility will ultimately be determined by the surgeon.

mini gastric bypass

The Gastric Sleeve

gastric sleeve diagram showing full stomach and then stomach post-op which is reduced by 80%

The gastric sleeve is performed laparoscopically (keyhole surgery) and involves the consultant surgeon physically removing up to 80% of the stomach. This procedure reduces the amount of space in the stomach and reduces production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Gastric sleeve patients can hope to lose up to and around 70% of their body weight over a two year period. As with any bariatric surgery, the way that you approach food will have to change as you adjust to the new size and structure of your stomach.

Revision Surgery

If you have already had, for example, a gastric sleeve performed in the past and would like a bypass, this may be possible. To determine your eligibility you should get in touch with a member of our team and we will arrange a consultation as soon as possible. Eligibility for revision surgery is dependent on many factors.

Learn more about bariatric surgery with Allure by watching our very informative video with consultant surgeon Mr Madhok:


gastric balloon aftercare support

Aftercare is paramount to the patient experience, recovery, and safety. This is why we have made sure to provide patients with a comprehensive package that will support them through recovery and understanding their new stomach. This includes 1 – 1 nurse and dietitian care, as well as scheduled follow-ups with the consultant surgeon that performed the procedure. You can learn more about our distinctive aftercare package online now. For a complete understanding of what your journey with Allure would look like, get in touch with an advisor using the information below.

Discuss Bariatric Surgery with a Medical Weight Loss Advisor Today

Get in touch today to discuss your options with a patient advisor at Allure. Call 0345 512 0094 or email info@allureweightloss.com. Alternatively, fill out one of our enquiry forms and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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