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'A new way of thinking of weight loss, an initial kickstart with the long term goal of creating new and healthy habits.'

Invasive & Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedures

Weight loss is a struggle for many people across the UK and at Allure Weightloss we are determined to help people on their journeys with our selection of bariatric surgeries and gastric balloons. Whichever route you go down, you can rest assured that you will be supported by an aftercare programme designed and executed by the experts in their fields.

About the Clinic

Our Spire Bushey clinic was specially selected for its location and proximity to some of the most talented consultants in the country. At Allure, we leave nothing to chance, and ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible from your initial enquiry, to placement, to the end of your journey with us. 

Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam
Mr Jambulingam, GMC Registered Consultant

Our Range of Gastric Balloons

Allure Weightloss have three balloons available for placement in Watford, London. You can find information regarding our balloons below.

Orbera 365

If you opt for an Orbera 365 placement in London, this gastric balloon will last up to 12 months in the stomach. Our longest-lasting balloon, patients typically experience a reduction in total body weight of anywhere from 10 – 17% depending on dedication to the Allure Weightloss Programme as a whole. This procedure requires an endoscopy and sedation to perform.


The BiB lasts 6 months in the stomach and is supported by our dietitians and nurses as standard. Speak with our team today in order to discuss booking your BiB gastric balloon placement in Watford.

Allurion Balloon

The famous ‘swallowable’ gastric balloon pill is also available at our Watford clinic. This balloon requires no endoscopy or sedation and passes naturally through the body at the 16 week mark. On average, patients can expect to lose 10 – 15% of their total body weight with the Allurion Balloon, coupled with our dietetic support programme.

Gastric Sleeve

sleeve gastrectomy, also known as a gastric sleeve, results in food entering a newly sized stomach which will then follow a normal digestive path. This medical weight loss procedure is typically performed laparoscopically through small incisions in the upper abdominal area. During the operation, the surgeon will look to remove around 75% to 80% of your total stomach.

Gastric Bypass 

A Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is a weight loss surgery aimed at reducing the risks of weight-related conditions. The way it works is by creating a structure that drastically reduces the space inside your stomach, leaving you feeling full for longer. This involves creating a small upper pouch of the stomach which is directly connected to the intestines. This is a permanent procedure, and you will need to make the appropriate lifestyle changes in response to it. 

No NHS Waiting Lists, Only Preparation Time

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