Allurion Balloons in Leeds

Choosing to lose weight is a significant life event. Losing weight can improve your physical health, mental health and help to improve your personal relationships. However, it isn’t one you should enter into lightly. Many people fail to lose weight consistently and effectively because they did not consider how difficult it would be. Losing weight requires a commitment and sustained effort that many people are not willing to put in. Fortunately, people who might struggle to lose weight when relying exclusively on their will power are not without options. The allurion balloon has helped many people in Leeds and Yorkshire to lose weight.

What is an Allurion Balloon?

An Allurion Balloon is a type of gastric balloon that helps people lose weight. When you eat, your stomach fills up with food. This provides you with the sensation we understand as ‘being full’. A gastric balloon is a balloon that partially fills your stomach, so that you don’t need to eat as much to feel full. We introduce the gastric balloon to your stomach, and fill it with a saline solution to inflate it. This lasts for between 4  and 12 months, depending on how long you want to have help losing weight for.

How can I get a Gastric Balloon in Leeds?

Allure Weight Loss are nationwide experts in fitting Allurion gastric balloons. We have placement centres all across the country, including in Leeds. At our Leeds fitting centre, you can have a gastric balloon fitted from the full Allurion range. This includes the BiB 6 month balloon, and the 12 month Orbera 365 balloon.

How much is an Allurion Balloon in Leeds?

Getting an Allurion Balloon fitted in Leeds is one of the cheaper ways to lose weight over all. A gastric balloon starts at £3995 for the 4 month model, and goes up to £4495 for a 12 month balloon. Compared to some of the other – less effective – means of helping you lose weight, a gastric balloon works out cheaper over all.

What is the process?

First of all, we want to make sure that everyone who has a gastric balloon from us is absolutely certain that it is the right choice for them. We put a great emphasis on the psychological elements of weight loss, including dietician care and weight counselling in our offered services. If you decide that a balloon is right for you, we book you in for a fitting. Depending on the balloon you choose, this may require a surgical procedure, and may not. All the balloons, once they are in your stomach, are filled with a saline solution to inflate them, allowing them to partially fill your stomach.

Are there any Side Effects?

The overall chance of an Allurion balloon causing any significant side effects is very low. However, there are some effects you might not have considered that you are likely to experience shortly after the placement. After placement, your body needs to adapt to the change. This may manifest itself as some vomiting or diarrhoea for a number of days. However, this should abate quickly, allowing you to adapt to your new healthy diet.

To learn more about getting an Allurion balloon in Leeds, or to discuss whether they might be the best way to kickstart your weight loss, get in touch today.