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Lose 10 - 15% of Your Total Body Weight on Average

Formerly known as the Allurion Elipse, the Allurion Balloon is a safe, reliable, and effective way to support realistic weight loss goals. Are you looking to revolutionise your weight loss journey and make the necessary changes to live a healthier and more confident life? If so, the Allurion is a swallowable gastric balloon that is proven to drive results. The swallowable gastric balloon is available through Allure Weightloss across the UK and sees our patients achieve a reduction in body weight of 10 – 15% on average. This is a fantastic way to stave-off obesity-related health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, and problems related to mobility.

The Allurion Balloon Requires a BMI range of between 27 and 55 in order to place.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon Specialists

Allure Weightloss are CQC registered providers. Along with the Allurion Balloon, you will enjoy the expert support of our bariatric nurses and HCPC Registered Dietitians. It is due to the extra layers of support that patients and consultants recommend gastric balloon placements with Allure Weightloss.  We support you to make the necessary lifestyle changes that provide the tools necessary for the healthy maintenance of weight loss long after your gastric balloon placement period is over. You can learn what our previous patients had to say about their experience with Allure Weightloss here.

If you are looking for a longer-term balloon, Allure Weightloss are also proud providers of the FDA approved Orbera 365, which can stay in the stomach for up to 12 months. 

'I felt supported the entire way, be it through a network of fellow Allurion Balloon patients, family, friends, dietitians or nurses. It was a new way of thinking of weight loss, an initial kickstart with the long term goal of creating new and healthy habits.'

Allurion Balloon Specialists in the UK

The Allurion Gastric Balloon is about the size of a medium grape fruit once filled, and occupies about 60% of your stomach. This creates a distinct feeling of fullness which makes you eat less and feel full for longer. 

The Allurion Balloon is made from a material called polyurethane, which is 85% lighter than other silicone gastric balloons. Due to this, the Allurion Balloon is considered gentler on the stomach, and more malleable. Patients have reported a greater tolerance of the Allurion Balloon over other options, however there is yet to be any official data supporting this. 

How Does the Swallowable Gastric Balloon Work?

A special filament bounds the Allurion Balloon together, which is exposed only to the internal contents of the gastric balloon. Along with distilled water, there is a food preservative that works to slowly degrades this filament.

At approximately 16 weeks, the filament is fully degraded and the balloon opens. This will result in the gastric balloon gently releases its contents into the stomach, leaving the polyurethane membrane to pass naturally through the GI tract. Moreover, a majority of patients never notice the balloon pass. 

allurion balloon swallowable gastric balloon

The Allurion Balloon requires a minimum BMI of at least 27 and has an upper-limit restriction of BMI 55. 

No Endoscopy, No Anaesthesia, No Surgery Required

The nature of this being a swallowable gastric balloon means patients avoid the need for endoscopy or anaesthesia. It is because of this that Dr John Mason has described the Allurion Balloon an ‘elegant’ weight loss device.

Allurion Balloon Capsule

The swallowable gastric balloon capsule encases the deflated Allurion Balloon and is attached to a thin catheter that is used to transmit distilled water into the balloon. This catheter is radio opaque, meaning it is clearly visible on x-ray for the doctor to identify the location of the attached capsule before filling of the balloon commences. This process ensures your comfort and safety. This capsule is suitable for vegans. 

After filling has completed, and there has been one more x-ray to confirm positioning of the Allurion Balloon, the doctor gently pulls on the catheter which detaches from the balloon. The balloon will automatically seal and from there the balloon can start to do its job. 

Allurion Balloon Stylet

Seven out of ten patients can swallow the gastric balloon capsule unassisted, however the remaining three out of ten often need a little help. This help comes in the form of the ‘Stylet’ – a thin wire that is inserted into the catheter to stiffen it, which then enables the doctor to gently nudge the capsule past the back of your throat and into the gullet as you swallow some water simultaneously.

Thanks to the Stylet, data has shown that 99.9% of patients manage to swallow the Allurion Gastric Balloon capsule.

Watch the Allurion Balloon Webinar with Dr John Mason

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Allurion Balloon Smart Scales and Watch

The swallowable gastric balloon isn’t only elegant but takes advantage of smart technology. The Allurion Balloon Programme includes a set of state-of-the-art smart scales and health tracker watch. The scales capture a variety of metrics including body fat, visceral fat, body water and BMI. The watch measures your daily steps, heart rate, sleeping pattern amongst some of the metrics, helping you to keep track of your activities. 

Allurion Balloon Smartphone App

The smart scales link to the Allurion Balloon App, a free app which you need to download onto your smartphone, and If you have a Fitbit you can also link the app to your Fitbit account!

It is important to send your weight readings, via the app to your dietitian on a weekly basis so that they can keep track of your progress in between your appointments. The swallowable gastric balloon is a weight loss tool, supported by technology, and the Allure Weightloss Dietitians.

Celebrated Allurion Gastric Balloon Aftercare


At Allure, we go further than just placement and provide specialist aftercare to all our patients. Alongside the swallowable gastric balloon placement, they can look forward to dietetic care from a HCPC Registered Dietitian and support from our Bariatric Nurse. Patients will also have exclusive access to our support team. Likewise, weight counselling is available as an add-on to those that feel as though they may need it. All of these elements combine to create a truly bespoke programme, one which allows our patients to make informed and sensible decisions that have the ability to transform their lives forever. After all, at Allure your success is our success.

Painless passage

45% of patients do not even notice the Allurion Balloon passing, meaning only 55% of patients will notice it in the toilet. 2

Tried and tried again

The swallowable gastric balloon will certainly give you that much needed boost to kickstart your weight loss. 76% of consumers are not fully satisfied with previously tried weight loss solutions.3

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Used in more than 100 weight-loss centres across Europe and the Middle East
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Balloons have been distributed worldwide* Unlike other gastric balloons, Allurion is the only gastric balloon requiring no invasive medical procedure
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No reported adverse events

Allurion Balloon Placement Day

We advise coming along with someone else if possible, for added support and for someone to chat to immediately after placement and for the journey home. Remember, it is completely natural if you are feeling a little apprehensive on the days leading up to your placement, but we hope that the knowledge you will be taken care of by experienced and talented gastric balloon specialists will help to ease any nerves you may have. Likewise, all our consultants are handpicked and GMC registered in order to ensure you will only be seen by individuals at the top of their field. 

Before You Arrive

You will be asked to refrain from eating anything during the morning of your placement, but you can continue to drink still water, clear tea with honey is also fine. Stay hydrated until around 2 hours before placement. 

Avoid wearing any necklaces or using lipstick or lip balm before you head to the placement facility, necklaces may affect the x-ray imaging and lipstick can stick to the capsule you will swallow.

Arrival at Your Allurion Gastric Balloon Clinic

You will be met by staff at the facility, and after a few formalities (sign in, temperature check, and hand sanitation) you will meet your doctor and be taken through to the x-ray room where the procedure takes place.

Allurion Balloon Procedure

Sitting upright in a chair, you will swallow your balloon capsule attached to a thin tube, with a glass of water. If you need assistance your doctor will help you with the use of the stylet. An X-ray is taken to check the capsule is where it is supposed to be, then the balloon filling is initiated – this takes about 6 minutes.

Once filling has completed, another X-ray is taken to confirm the balloon is in place, and filled correctly before your doctor gently pulls the catheter out leaving the balloon inside your stomach. 

The procedure has taken no more than 20 minutes, in many cases even less! 

Post Placement

The placement is now over and your balloon is ready to get to work! We advise coming along with someone else if possible, for added support and for someone to chat to immediately after placement on your journey home. This is so you can feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, which is always good! The next few days can be strange as your body adjusts to the gastric balloon in your stomach. This is completely normal, and we have outlined some expected symptoms below. 

The First Few Days

The first few days can be difficult as your brain is adjusting to this new object sitting in your stomach, so its natural response is to try and remove it. Unfortunately, the way it does this is by releasing acids into your stomach to fight it – this causes stomach cramps, nausea and in cases vomiting.

It can be a trying start, so be prepared for this, and keep in mind that it is perfectly normal, as after a few days the brain gives up the battle and those symptoms disappear. This process is completely natural, and can be experienced to various degrees. But you should not worry too much, and our team will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Our specialist bariatric nurse will be making a daily reassurance call to you during this period. You will also be placed on special medication that you will take before and after the placement in order to ease these side effects. 

Day 1

On day one, stick to clear fluids only avoiding caffeine. It is essential to keep hydrated by taking small sips continuously throughout the day.

Days 2-3

On days 2-3 you can progress to a smooth puree diet, but if you start to feel nausea again, we advise to switch back to clear fluids.

Days 4-5

Usually by days 4-5 you can go back to a solid diet, but in some cases, it can take longer, everyone reacts in different ways. Our dietitian would have guided you on ideas according to your personal plan.

2+ Weeks

Two weeks after placement you will have your second dietitian meeting and then monthly from then on until balloon passage.

Allurion Balloon Passage

At approximately 16 weeks, the Elipse balloon deflates and passes through your system. It is not uncommon that this could happen at 14 weeks even up to 20 weeks.

Typical symptoms may include some stomach cramps and diarrhoea, so it is advisable to return to a soft diet at week 15 to help reduce these side effects. About half of patients visibly notice the balloon in their stool and half do not.


How Widely is the Allurion Gastric Balloon Used?

The swallowable gastric balloon has been widely available in Europe since 2012, though it is in recent years that it has gained tremendous popularity attributed to the many success stories associated with the Allurion Programme and its safety profile. The Allurion Balloon is an elegant, brilliantly designed state of the art medical weight loss device. 

As such, the team at Allure Weightloss are proud to provide the swallowable gastric balloon pill placements alongside our 1-1 dietetic support programme. Boost or begin your weight loss journey safely, with a device that is proven to provide results. 

Our CEO was instrumental in the introduction of the Allurion Balloon (then known as the Elipse) into the UK market, initially training many of the consultants on how to properly implement the device!

Allurion Balloon Safety Profile

Total adverse events reported were less than 2% in over 30,000 Swallowable Allurion Gastric Balloons distributed.

(Data from March 2016 – September 2020)

The top 10 adverse events reported and incidence:

Premature Deflation 0.44%
Intolerance 0.26%
Small Bowel Obstruction 0.09%
Hyperinflation 0.8%
Dysphagia 0.03%
Gastric Outlet Obstruction 0.03%
Gastric Perforation 0.01%
Incomplete Device Emptying 0.01%
Pancreatitis 0.02%
Gastroparesis 0.01%

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Get in touch with the medical weight loss specialists at Allure today and begin your unique Allurion Balloon journey, complete with expert Dietitian support. With thirteen centres (and counting) across England and Wales, we can ensure your swallowable gastric balloon placement takes place as close to home as possible.  Call 0345 512 0094, email info@allureweightloss.com, 0r fill out our enquiry form now.

1: Ienca et al abstract 237 presented at IFSO 2019 Madrid, Spain
2 Ienca et al submitted to IFSO 2020. Presented at Allurian Masterclass May 2020
3:Allurion consumer market research; 9800 respondents, 8 geogoraphies; Oct 2018

Pre Placement FAQ's

How long does the balloon last?

The Allurion Elipse Balloon is designed to reside in your stomach for approximately 16 weeks. The balloon can deflate anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before or after the 16 weeks. The Balloon then passes naturally through your GI tract.

When do I meet the dietitian and what will be discussed?

Ideally we will schedule your first dietitian meeting one to two weeks prior to placement. A plan tailored around you will be created to prepare you for placement day and your Elipse journey beyond placement.

Will I receive medications prior to placement?

Allure Weightloss will provide you with a full set of medications for the whole programme until the balloon passes. 

Do I need to fast prior to the placement?

For around 8 hours before your balloon placement, you will be required to limit your intake to only clear liquids, and you will be asked to stop liquids two hours before the placement.

What should I wear to the placement?

Be comfortable, ideally in casual wear such as a tracksuit, try to avoid tight belts. Women will be advised to remove any underwire bra prior to placement.

How much weight will I lose?

People on average lose between 10 and 15% of their body weight over the course of the Allurion Programme. However on many occasions we have had patients losing more than this.

Placement Day FAQ's

Will I be admitted into hospital?

The Elipse placement takes place at one of our CQC registered diagnostic facilities. There is no need for hospital admittance. The time spent at the facility is no longer than 30 minutes.

How does the Elipse Balloon get into my stomach?

The Elipse balloon is encapsulated in a capsule that you swallow with a glass of water, whilst attached to a catheter. Your doctor will guide you.

Is the balloon easy to swallow?

99.9%  can swallow the capsule containing the Elipse Balloon without any problems.

However, if you do have difficulty swallowing it, your doctor can use a thin wire (stylet) to help guide the capsule into place – still without endoscopy or anaesthesia.

What is the Balloon filled with?

The balloon is filled with 550ml of distilled water.

When can I go home?

As soon as the procedure is over you will be able to go straight home.

How much weight will I lose?

People on average lose between 10 and 15% of their body weight over the course of our Elipse Programme

Post Placement FAQ's

What symptoms will I have?

Most people will experience nausea, stomach cramps and possibly vomiting for the first few days, starting from around 2 hours after placement. This is perfectly normal and expected as your body adjusts. You will receive your anti-sickness medication to help you out during this period.

Can I drive home myself?

We do not recommend driving home yourself if your journey is greater than two hours. It is advisable to always have someone accompanying you regardless.

How long does it take to return to normal activities after placement?

Most people can return to normal activity within a few days. However, many people do experience nausea, abdominal cramping and, occasionally, vomiting after balloon placement for the first three days.

In most cases, your doctor will prescribe commonly used medication to help manage these symptoms as part of the package.

When do I have my second dietitian appointment?

Your second dietitian meeting is usually 1 week after your placement day. We find this the optimal time that patients need the support, after going through the first recovery/adapting stage. In your first meeting you would have agreed a plan to guide you through your  preparation and first week of balloon residence.

Will I have any dietary restrictions during or after the Elipse Programme?

There are no absolute dietary restrictions with the Elipse Programme. However, to make the most of the programme and maximise your weight loss and comfort, your dietitian will tailor recommendations for you, your body and your weight-loss goals.

How much weight will I lose?

People on average lose between 10 and 15kg (1.57 to 2.36 stone) over four months of balloon therapy.²-¹²