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Allurion Balloon Capsule Size Comparison, The Swallowable Gastric Balloon
Allurion Balloon Capsule

Developed in the United States, the Allurion Balloon is best known as a swallowable gastric balloon. Unlike the Orbera 365 12 month balloon, it does not require an endoscopy to place. A gastric balloon is an all-round fantastic weight loss tool for those looking for an alternative to bariatric surgery. The Allurion Balloon requires a minimum BMI of 27 to place and placement of the gastric balloon can take around 20 to 30 minutes.

From our 12 clinics across England and Wales, patients are able to be seen as close to home as possible. You can find your nearest gastric balloon clinic online here.

How Does the Allurion Balloon Work?

The Allurion gastric balloon comes in the form of a swallowable capsule. Attached to a catheter, you will be asked to swallow the capsule, have an x-ray to confirm positioning and then inflate the balloon with saline water. After another x-ray to confirm that the balloon has been inflated properly, you will be able to leave the clinic and make your way home. Now in place, the balloon will help you lose weight by making you feel fuller for longer. It accomplishes this by delaying gastric emptying, occupying 60% of the stomach, and reducing production of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin.

Aftercare and Additional Support

All Allure Patients are welcome to utilise the aftercare package that comes as part of their procedure. This includes 1 to 1 nurse and dietetic support. Attending these sessions is essential to making sure you get the most out of your programme. We are also able to provide patients will additional support in the form of weight counselling with Dr Mark Bruce.

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