gastric sleeve diagram showing full stomach and then stomach post-op which is reduced by 80%

Allure Gastric Sleeve Clinics in England

The gastric sleeve is a popular bariatric surgery performed world-wide and available in three of our clinics across England. These include Oaklands Private Hospital in Salford, Manchester, Derby Private Heath in Derby, and Spire Bushey in Watford, London. Each of our clinics and their corresponding consultants were chosen for their fantastic facilities, experience, and dedication to patient centred care. With Allure Weightloss, patients can usually expect to stay for only one night in our facilities before being discharged and allowed to recover from home. Weight loss expectations include up to 70% of their excess body weight over a 2 year period.

Why a Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve patients are those individuals that have been struggling to lose weight for long time with no avail. To qualify you must have a BMI of at least 35 and have tried traditional methods of weight loss in the past. A gastric sleeve is a widely-successful treatment when it comes to tackling obesity and the comorbidities that are commonly associated with it, such as the diabetes, mobility issues, and cardiovascular problems to name but a few. For a gastric balloon to be successful, patients will work with our dietitian in order to create the all-important lifestyle changes that must be adopted alongside the procedure. With Allure, patients have an ongoing relationship with our team comprised of dietitians, nurses, and their consultant.

Also known as the sleeve gastrectomy, the gastric sleeve transforms the stomach into the long and thin shape. This surgery is not reversable and leads to appetite suppression due to a reduction in production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. The gastric sleeve appeals to some patients because it does not require the addition of a foreign object in the stomach, like with a gastric balloon. A sleeve gastrectomy is commonly performed before a patient can be considered for the gastric bypass.

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Get in touch with our team today in order to discuss your options. Call 0345 512 0094, email info@allureweightloss.com, or fill out our enquiry form. However you decide to get in touch, a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. For a gastric sleeve in Manchester, London, or Derby, think Allure Weightloss.

Allure Weightloss is a CQC registered provider of the Gastric Sleeve in the UK.

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