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4 Gastric Balloon Clinics Across London

Allurion Balloon Capsule Size Comparison, The Swallowable Gastric Balloon
Allurion Balloon Capsule

Gastric balloons are an effective and non-invasive alternative to bariatric surgery. For patients in and around the London area, Allure Weightloss is well-situated to support your placement. With four clinics across London, including Watford, Barnet, Harley Street, and Orpington, our team are able to make sure you are seen as close to home as possible. Our consultants in the area are Mr Jambulingam, Dr Loganayagam, and Dr Bansi.

Allure Weightloss routinely offer two distinct gastric balloons to patients across the United Kingdom, including the Allurion Balloon and the Orbera 365 12 month gastric balloon. Both gastric balloons are designed to facilitate weight loss by suppressing feelings of hunger. They do this by occupying around 60% of the stomach, reducing the production of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and even delaying gastric emptying. Due to this, proper management of diet, and willingness to adapt to the necessary lifestyle changes for long-term success, patients experience an average weight loss of 10 – 15% with the Allurion Balloon and 10 – 18% with the Orbera 365.

Gastric balloons, apposed to bariatric surgery, are designed to be temporary weight loss tools placed to tackle long-term struggles with obesity. The Allurion Balloon, which is placed via a swallowable capsule, deflates and ‘passes naturally’ at around 16 weeks. The Orbera 365, on the other hand, is FDA approved to be placed for up to 12 months. An Orbera patient, however, can elect to have the device removed at any point within said 12 month period. You can learn about gastric balloon cost and finance options here.

Are you interested in a gastric balloon placement near you? Locate your nearest clinic today using our placement centre finder tool. Allure Weightloss operate from 12 (and counting) clinics across England and Wales, each one independently CQC registered and chosen for its dedication to high-quality patient care.

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Speak to a gastric balloon specialist over the phone today by calling 0345 512 0094, or email info@allureweightloss.com. Alternatively, feel free to fill out our online enquiry form. With is being a medical procedure, eligibility criteria applies.

Allure Weightloss is proud to be a CQC registered provider of gastric balloons and bariatric surgery in England and Wales.

CQC Good Inspection Rating

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